A Letter to the Justice Minister about the Canadian Religious Authorities

June 3, 2008  
Anno Domini

The Honourable Robert Nicholson, P.C., Q.C.,
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
105 East Block – House of Commons
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6
tel: 613-995-1547 fax: 613-992-7910
email: Nichor@parl.gc.ca

Dear Mr. Nicholson,

I hope this letter finds you well and in good health.  As you are well aware, Maclean’s magazine is now appearing before one of the nation’s provincial kangaroo kourts in British Columbia.   In a short time, it will be forced to appear in front of the federal one which is under your jurisdiction in the Department of Justice. 

Mr. Justice Minister, I do not understand why the government of Canada is supporting these so-called “human rights” commissions.  Their arrogant presumption to having the moral authority to censor the political views of the citizens of Canada is quite astonishing.  What is even worse is their flagrant abuse of the whole process, not to mention the fraudulent and likely criminal practices in investigating, interrogating, and prosecuting the citizens of Canada.  It borders on  obscenity.

Another outrage is the conduct of the Attorney General’s Office which is directly under your supervision.  How any lawyer can have the audacity to state that the “truth is no defense” in these star chamber tribunals really does boggle the mind.  And yet, that’s exactly what the Attorney General’s Office wrote in a legal brief in response to the constitutional challenges in the Warman v. Lemire case.   I am not sure what levels of remedial coherency are required to represent the government in either the human rights commissions or the Attorney General’s Office, but I respectfully submit that it is far too low.  Or maybe there’s some heavy hallucinatory drugs involved in what they’re doing.  I simply have no idea.

These practices, of which your Department is a direct party to,  are an affront to every Canadian who believes in the inalienable right to freedom of speech.  Whether it wants to admit it or not, the Canadian Human Rights Commission is acting like a bully by attempting to squash criticism of Islam because some feelings were hurt or because somebody, somewhere was offended.  Is any criticism of Islam tolerated by the government of Canada, or can we continue to expect the Inquisitors from the Canadian Religious Authority to prosecute citizens of Canada for voicing a criticism of “that religion which must not be offended”?  I must honestly ask the Conservative government if it is taking direction from the citizens of Canada or the King of Saudi Arabia instead.  I honestly don’t know anymore.

But this is what I do know. If the Minister of Justice for Canada is not willing to stand for free speech anywhere, anytime, against anyone, then the Minister of Justice does not deserve to be representing the citizens of Canada in such a capacity, let alone as a Member of Parliament for a democratic state. On the assumption that you even do support us, if you are trying to figure out when to speak out, where to speak out, or how to speak out on such a vital issue to the future of this country, then I say in all honesty and sincerity:  there’s something wrong with you.  

Before anything else, you are supposed to be defending our freedoms and real Canadian values – values that were bought and paid for on the fields of Flanders not the manufactured ones that serve the perpetually aggrieved communities to which your government is shamelessly pandering.  At the very least, you should not be siding with the fraudulent thugs at the HRCs and the fools in your own Department who say that “truth is no defense”.  Whatever trick you’re using to sleep at night as Canadian citizens are being financially and emotionally raped and pillaged by these Star Chamber Tribunals would give Somenex a good run for its money, I have no doubt.

The blogosphere will be watching very closely to see if you send some “truth is no defense” lawyer from the Attorney General’s office to the Federal Star Chamber’s Inquisition of Canada’s National magazine, Macleans.  The blogosphere hopes the Department of Justice lives up to its name and does not honour these proceedings with a representative from the Government of Canada.  Don’t let us and the citizens of Canada down, Mr. Justice Minister. 

We’re watching you.

Yours very truly,

John Pacheco
Social Conservatives United
Ottawa, Ontario

9 thoughts on “A Letter to the Justice Minister about the Canadian Religious Authorities

  1. Nice letter and dead on the money and issues.

    I hope you get a response as none of mine have, including one to my own MP John Baird appear deserving even if all one asks for is their position on the travesty the CHRC and other HRCs are engaged in.

  2. Good stuff – right on point. Sadly, as politicians are – and the existing lack of conservatism shown by this government – it is a futile act.

    Too many bureaucrats and politicos budgets are in play here to get a change. As we know, a politician without a budget, is nothing.

  3. Nicholson may have his “arms length” distancing from this tar baby Macleans case shattered and be plunged right into the position of having to make a choice between defending free speech/free press or supporting the HRC sycophancy of his out of control department directors.

    There is a very good chance (about 50/50) this BCHRT will punt the Macleans case to get if off their hands…then it goes right to Ottawa with the CHRC… right under Nicholson’s nose…how constantly embarrassing is that? Canada’s oldest periodical on trial in a fed kangaroo trial responsible to the MoJ, and ALL the media spotlights will be turned on!

    The best case scenario for Nicholson, and his hiding under the desk policy, is if Maclean’s loses the BC show trial and appeals to the courts, ultimately taking the SCC Taylor ruling on section 13 back to the supremes for reevaluation…thus saving the CPC the legwork of legitimizing a need for section 13 reform.

    Nicholson remains with his head and tush safely ensconced under his desk…he sent Rick Dykstra out on an advance scouting party but squat will happen until this rabid section 13 chicken flies home to lay a big fat dump on Nick’s desk.

  4. An excellent letter, well drafted, but missing some essential points in my opinion.

    Our political representatives disdain doing anything controversial, in this case if you are favoured with a reply (which I sincerely doubt) they will cower behind the well worn phrase, we cannot act as the case is presently before the courts.

    What they respond to is potential loss of votes and potential loss of party contributions, so I would state in my letter that I will be withholding both until I see some action from the government to deal with this situation and cc it to Jason Kenney, Stephen Harper, Keith Martin, your local member and any other member you think may be sympathetic to this action.

    Having said that I wished I could be as eloquent as yourself.

  5. Members of my family served in both world wars. Several of them in particular were in the Royal Rifles of Canada and suffered as POWs in Hong Kong. Inasmuch as this government fails to do anything, and inasmuch as people are complacent about the HRC’s rampage of rights destruction, they are shaming the memory of these men, who fought, suffered and died for the very things that Canada now seems intent on casting aside.

  6. Hit them where it hurts…since this HRC scandal has erupted, I have returned every piece of mail I am getting from the Conservative Party with a note (and no $ of course), saying that I am withholding my financial support until this governments takes a stand and acts against the HRC.
    So far, no response, just more requests for funding…but I would suspect that if we could organize a campaign to stop funding the Conservative Party, eventally, we would see some action.
    Just a thought.

  7. Bang on – Bang on. The more I read and the more I see of this garbage perpetuated by the HRC’s of the country, the more I am reminded of the later days of the Weimar republic. We are on a slippery slope folks. Make no bones about it. If Section 13 is not wholly revised or deleted, we truly will have become a democratic Dictatorship. Democratic on voting day…under the gun for the rest of the time with neighbour snooping upon/listening to neighbour. Can you spell GESTAPO..?? melodramatic you say..?? maybe..but not so far from the truth (oh yea, I forgot, that’s no defense is it.!)

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