A Lame Duck Pope?

Folks, I think we have to admit to some sad conclusions here.

Apart from the reprobates who drafted the document or those in the professional class who are amazingly defending it because they have some kind of creepy blind allegiance to the Pope even if he were to say that rainbow unicorns are permitted in the sanctuary, we also need to take a look at the practical consequences of this pathetic and tragic result.

First of all, the whole scam of allowing the Synod’s events to be filtered by Fr. Tom Rosica is a serious problem.  Fr. Rosica, you will all remember, is a great fan of the super-dissenter and excommunicated priest, Gregory Baum, and the Spirit of Vatican II, and yet this is the man Rome has decided should report to the English-speaking world on what’s going on inside the Synod?  Is this some kind of joke? No, it’s no joke. It’s a liberal coup in the Catholic Church, as the progressives controlled the message on the inside and to the outside.

Secondly, the censorship that went on during the Synod was deliberate and we know why.  It was deliberate because the document that was eventually released would never have seen the light of day had the Faithful been allowed to watch and react as it was unfolding.  Evil can only advance under the cover of darkness and this Synod is just another testament to that.  We see now that the blowback is getting to hurricane proportions and this demonic document would never have been proposed had everything been open and transparent. But the progressives knew that.  They were first to market about what the Synod was going to say about the unrepentant adulterers.  Who cares what the final document is going to say?  The proverbial horse has left the barn, and it will be a year before it can be corralled.

Thirdly, the Pope appointed progressives above the democratically elected faithful bishops who were supposed to be responsible for influencing the text.  The Pope approved the document before it was released..at least tacitly if not actively. It has caused lots and lots of damage.  It does no good to talk about this just being a “working document” or not yet binding, etc.  If it was just a working document, then why was it made public?  What leader releases a document on such an explosive subject as sexuality and then says, “Oops, it’s just a working document.  Its major points can be revoked later.”  Who does that?  I don’t recall the previous pontificates ever doing that.  And we know why to. Because it causes incredible harm and scandal, as this whole sham document has done.  The buck stops with the Pope.  How is it going to look on the Pope when the final document reverses much of what the sham document said?  That’s a PR victory, is it?  Are the liberals going to love him then?  Or, alternatively, maybe it won’t be reversed after all, and the joke will be on us.  Who knows?!

When Benedict resigned, the liberals called him a lame duck Pope for the remainder of his days in office.  I never accepted that title obviously because his consistent writings and faithful witness were always in harmony with the Church’s teachings.

However, Pope Francis, whether we want to admit it or not, risks being considered a lame duck Pope after this Synod.  Just how many of these credibility torpedoes can his barque take?  He may very well be seen, tragically, as a loose cannon that can’t be trusted to either keep things under wraps until the Church can offer a coherent and faithful message which respects its moral patrimony or to preserve the Apostolic witness of the Catholic faith on issues that can damn or save a soul.

This is not pleasant. It’s heartbreaking and scandalous, but burying our heads in the sand and pretending this is much ado about nothing is a worse betrayal than the document itself.

No, the time is quickly approaching where Pope Francis needs to be confronted – head on and not by proxy – by the Cardinals and bishops and set straight…otherwise we might lose the very Gospel itself.

No duck, lame or otherwise, is worth that.

11 thoughts on “A Lame Duck Pope?

  1. I think that’s a bit of an overstatement.

    This is one of a long line of Vatican PR disasters. JP2 had them, B16 had them, Francis will have them too. Vatican II was a HUGE PR disaster.

    We’re all here.

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t be concerned, but Francis has good qualities that should not be overlooked. His pastoral engagement is attractive. His teaching is frank, accessible and grounded in Magisterial teaching.

    I think the mistake was to assume that the bishops would be pastoral geniuses like Francis. I’m certain he would know what to do in the face of certain concrete situations. I’m not sure the bishops of the rest of the world would be relied on.

    It’s just as well we got the working document and we all reacted to it. Perhaps they will wise up and tighten up the language in the next document.

    And don’t forget, the bishops will come back for Synod15 to report back on it.

  2. What PR disasters? Nothing of any consequence. Regensberg? He was right. SSPX? Bah. That’s nothing compared to this. THIS impacts doctrine and is scandalizing everyone with a brain or who is not on the payroll.

    Sorry, Suzanne, he needs to take responsibility for his actions. I have to in every day life. He should not be exempt from such a disaster. If it keeps happening (and there’s no reason to believe the train won’t keep chugging), he should be asked to step down…for the good of the Church. And since he is so humble, he won’t feel offended that someone would suggest it.

    • And frankly, there’s nothing wrong with finding a St. Paul to rebuke St. Peter. It happened once. It can happen again. If he keeps scandalizing and appointing his progressive friends to such important posts that produce such scandals, we might strike up our own committee to find someone for the job.

  3. I just watched the Oct 14th Michael Coren SunNews TV video online where he talks about the Synod. He took great pleasure in rubbing Orthodox Cathoic noses in the new pro gay wording of the ‘working document’. We should all be as enlighted as he, *eyeroll*. I doubt Coren will speak about Cardinal Burke’s rebuttal and corrections.

    I use to like Michael Coren but after reading many negative articles about him on various sites and now this, I don’t think I like him so much anymore. He seems to have gotten too big of a head.

  4. Pope Francis is great! He truly is showing the world that we are saved by the grace of Jesus Christ and His crucifixion for our sins and not by whether or not we have done a particular sin or not.

  5. Certainly the Church needs to give clear moral guidance to people, which is unalterable, but at the same time not neglect the mercy of Jesus Christ. I see it as two sides of the same coin.

  6. The mercy of Jesus Christ does “not” include adult schoolteachers, and homosexual etc.,activists normalizing homosexuality etc., from Kindergarteners to University Grads,as legalized so-called”neutral” Secular Pagan human rights.Only Sodomites and the like would agree with such evil policies.In Democracies the Policies are in the hands of an organized voting public.Apathy,indifference and complacence by the ignorant,”will I never crowd”,leads to nothing changing. These people who do nothing themselves to insure a righteous society than their tisk tisk-ing nonsense,only increase evil.Evil prospers when these continue do nothing.

    Recall The Articles of Hitlers,The National Reich Church,and how easily the German public complied. The reasons given by them were similar to the ones who say legalized perversion by adult schoolteachers,homosexual activists, and The Secular Church in our democracies is the mercy of Christ. The Choice in our Democracies is still Barabbas or Christ? Who’s people are you electing to positions of power? Why? Western Democratic School Children traumatized by adult schoolteachers and homosexulal activists normalizing perversion in schools,as legalized so-called Secular Pagan human rights have no-one to protect them ,because of your evil excuses. You prosper evil in our so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan Democracies,don’t you think? My Canadian and Western Contemporaries stated every school morning with The Lord’s Prayer led by their schoolteachers,and The Ten Commandments were on Government,Court and Schoolhouse walls, because our Parents,Grandparents,Priests and Leaders kept it that way.Now the tisk tisk-ers do nothing but tisk tisk.Do good instead of evil in our Democracies,don’t you think?

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