A House Divided

The reader does not need to have memorized the 1907 encyclical letter of Pope Saint Pius X Pascendi Dominici Gregis (On the Doctrines of the Modernists) to smell something fishy in Cardinal Martini’s failure to value the timelessness of Catholic truth and recognize the harm that would be done to future generations of Catholics if faithless, restless Modernist prelates could whimsically experiment with Church teachings like they were hem lines or lapel widths. People lose interest in temporary fashions, temporary theologies, and certainly in temporary ‘truths,’ which always seem to dissolve into lies before the end of the generation in which they were invented, only to be replaced by the next generation’s new temporary ‘truths.’
Modernists are wrong to think that eternal Catholic truth can change at all, much less morph into catch phrases just to make the Church appear hip and popular enough to gather in or retain more members like it was some new stylish dance club. Cardinal Martini worried about the Church losing future generations of members by it not sacrificing its principles enough to gain sacred shoppers like a corrupt politician buys votes with unethical constituent favors. In fact, upon hearing from Cardinal Martini that important Church teachings can evolve over time, the bored targeted youth would not be impressed anyway. Nor would they be likely to waste their time returning to the ecclesiastical scene of the sellout unless something comes along more lasting than their evolving iPod playlists… (Zing!)

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