A Holy Priest Indeed – Archdiocese of Washington Should Apologize to Fr. Marcel

“Fr knew the lady was a practicing lesbian because she came into the sacristy and introduced her ‘lover’ to Fr just before the Mass.  He quietly denied her communion (so quietly that the Eucharistic minister next to him didn’t realize that he did), and the woman promptly went to the other line and received communion anyway!  He left to use the restroom (he was getting a migraine) between the eulogies, but did finish the ceremony and escorted the casket out.  He made arrangements for there to be another priest at the gravesite and there was. He felt that it was a matter of conscience to deny her communion since he had been informed that she was an active homosexual by her own admission.”

No more Communion in the Hand.

And no more “Extra”ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion at Mass….as this sad episode makes such a restriction very evident, along with many, many other reasons.

Contact the Archdiocese of Washington: chancery@adw.org

Kindly ask that they consider apologizing to Fr. Marcel Guarnizo, and then kindly inquire if they have lost their collective minds for doing what they did.

6 thoughts on “A Holy Priest Indeed – Archdiocese of Washington Should Apologize to Fr. Marcel

  1. I have seen openly practicing lesbians in my church being given communion. They brazenly sit together in mass, and bring their children (where is CAS when you really need them?) and kiss each other on the lips during the passing of the peace.

    I have also seen honourable people who know they are in a state of sin, who will present themselves for the blessing instead.

    Why our clergy will not stand up to these lesbians i will never know. In their homilies they will condemn homosexual acts, but i have yet to see a lesbian asked to refrain.

  2. As far as extraordinary euharistic ministers of , one is called upon less than once a month, and only when there are not enough priests and deacons to distribute the eucharist.

    In my previous parish in Montreal on the other hand there were at least 4 at every mass.

  3. Extraordinary should apply only when you have to wait an excessive time to receive Holy Communion. It should be “extra” ordinary for a reason. The practice that has developed is a major, major abuse.

  4. I find it interesting that this woman found that the Archdiocese’s letter of apology was not enough. She will only be satisfied if Fr. M is “fired”. Hidden agenda?

  5. @Dave, she wants to go much further than that. She wants to pull whatever teeth the church has left, by making sure cowardly bishops either dismiss, not hire or otherwise silence priests who will enforce church teaching. Ultimately we are looking at outright persecution of the orthodox wing of the Catholic church in the US. They want the “institution to survive, but to become like their mainline protestant counterparts: “social justice” crusaders… where the host is replaced by The Communist Manifesto. It thus becomes yet another arm of the state in its imposition of secular humanist thought, and a nice source of donations from the -ahem- “faithful”. Also helps keep the sheeple in line.
    Effectively Jesus will be rebranded as a Galilean Jack Layton or Barack Obama.

  6. If this woman told Fr before mass that she was in a same sex relationship, assumably sexual he had every right to not give her communion as she is in a state of grave sin. If any other person were to let a clergy know that they are in a homosexual relationship, a premarital sexually active relationship, an adulterous or any relationship that violates the sacredness of marriage they should not be presenting themselves for communion.
    This priest was right to do what he did.
    rather than being punished by the Bishop he needs to be applauded for his courage.
    to let those in grave sin “think” themselves worthy to receive our Lord when they are really not is an injustice both to our Lord, to the entire community-by sending the message that it is “ok” ( not sinful) to be in a sexually active relationship outside of one man/one woman committed for LIFE relationship is to cause scandal and wrong, and it is not being “compassionate” to the persons in sin themselves to not be told they need to repent or they will go to hell when they face judgment.

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