A good omen for the March today

We had a good turnout at the prayer vigil last night. We only had to deal with one enraged heckler, who was screaming that he wished that our mothers had aborted all of us.  Is that how democracy works?  Exterminate your opposition?

But that didn’t distract from the joyful and hopeful atmosphere of the event.  It was awe-inspiring to see so many young people devoted to the pro-life cause.  We have a large and young generation of pro-lifers that will carry the torch for years to come. And the numbers keep growing each year.  We have so many reasons to be hopeful.

As we wrapped up the event and said our goodbyes, we received word that the Montreal Canadiens had defeated the mighty Pittsburgh Penguins and were moving on to the Conference final.  A loud cheer erupted in the crowd.  I couldn’t help but feel a sense of optimism that if the lowly Canadiens could defeat two Goliaths in the first two rounds of the playoffs, surely our small band of faithful could overcome the darkness of our age.

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