A Glimpse of the Church if the Progressives were to gut marriage

…The result of this change has been years coming – as it is now 2030. The Catholic Church in changing doctrine had lost the faithful. Many became sedevacantists, others joined the now very small SSPX having been radicalized by their treatment at the hands of the “church of nice”, and others simply retreated from organized religion altogether and stuck to the Catechism as best they could. Some of these people formed communities and are assisted by former priests and bishops who also could not accept the changing of infallible doctrine. Many people just could not accept that the Church would cast off the faithful and replace them with the willfully disobedient – in their anguish and despair they cried out to the Church, but their pleas were met with insults like “homophobe”, “judgmental”, and “pharisee”.

Marriages are rare now, as one does not have to be married to live together and have children – much less to receive the Eucharist at the mass. Divorce is rampant since faithful Catholics no longer feel that they have an obligation to God and the Church to keep their vows. After all, the new ruling on admission to the sacraments meant that there was no penalty for divorce and remarriage anyway – and a law without teeth is no law at all….(Source)

But that’s not going to happen.  Jesus is still in control.

The unexpected happens both ways.

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