A Free Dominion Against the HRCs

A Free Dominion Against the HRCs

To the Prime Minister of Canada, all federal leaders and provincial premiers:

We, the undersigned Canadians, declare our firm and unequivocal support for free speech.

We categorically reject any effort on the part of the government or any of its organs to limit free expression of opinion on any issue, except where there is a clear communication to do physical harm to another person or where there is a question of defamation.

We affirm that controversial opinions are a constituent part of a healthy and vibrant democracy, and that to silence any opinion, however seemingly offensive to any member of the public, is harmful to a free and open society.

We believe that Canadians themselves, and not unelected quasi-judicial bodies, will decide which ideas are advanced and which ideas are rejected in forming the values and laws of our country.  We believe that government should not intrude in this dialogue between Canadians and among Canadians.

We believe that free speech should not be fined or taxed because it does not meet the speech conditions imposed by a group of government functionaries.

We believe that Canadians should not live under the yoke of intimidation and threats when they seek to speak their minds on the issues of vital importance to the future and security of our nation.

We believe that every Canadian is entitled to due process under the law if a complaint is lodged against him or her.

We believe that truth is a defense against any and all allegations. We believe that without the acknowledgment of the truth, there can be no justice or peace in Canada.

We consider many complaints launched through so-called “human rights commissions” to be political tools to shut down dissent and uphold politically correct thought and opinion.  In particular, we note the inordinate number of successful cases brought against conservatives and, in particular, Christians.

We believe that continued support for the suppression of free speech by these commissions will have far-reaching and destructive consequences to the Canadian state.

Therefore, we, the undersigned, call for the immediate suspension of all so-called human rights commissions in Canada until a full and impartial review is conducted to ensure that Canadians’ fundamental right to freedom of speech is preserved.

We are a free people. We refuse to be suppressed. We demand our freedom to speak.


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 The “Offending” Article:  The future belongs to Islam  by Mark Steyn  

83 thoughts on “A Free Dominion Against the HRCs

  1. we have to stand up against these people. if the government wishes to silence free speech then they will have to do it with force. not the force of phony law but the force of arms i for one will fight back.

  2. Freedom of speech was best defined by Voltaire:

    Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too.
    Voltaire, Essay on Tolerance
    French author, humanist, rationalist, & satirist (1694 – 1778)

    Unfortunately, it is not being served or defended by the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

  3. Canada’s Human Rights Commissions are appalling. They push a social re-engineering agenda with impunity, ignoring Canadians’ most dearly held values and intimidating freedom of expression by threatening financial ruin and imprisonment. They need to be replaced by mechanisms that are answerable to the people and cognizant of natural law.

  4. It is so good to see more people standing up against this shadow court which has no business in a free and democratic society. I frequently read Freedominion and love it. I really don’t know how the HRC got to its present state, but this madness have got to stop. Free speech is free speech unless you are specifically slandering or threatening someone’s life.
    I don’t care, I totally agree with Connie and Mark Fournier and the good work they’re doing. Let’s get back to some real liberty in Canada.

  5. Most Canadians have a rather weak or shallow tolerance for freedom of expression. Free speech is OK as long as they agree with what they hear. But if it’s not promoted by CBC they’re suspicious of why you should be allowed to express a dissenting or divergent viewpoint.
    Until we can support some one elses right to freedom of expression (even if we don’t agree with their philosphy) we don’t deserve it either.

  6. The Saskatchewan Human Right Commission has fined me $17,500 and ordered me to never criticize sodomite sex again. I broke the order the same week I received it. I encourage Canadians who value truth and liberty to do likewise.

  7. This is response to similar Anti-HRCs analysis, in defense of Maclean’s, by other political contributor:

    ——– Original Message ——–

    Subject: Commentary – The prosecution of Maclean’s magazine shows how feeble is our right of free speech
    Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2007
    To: …
    friends_and_interested _parties@list, Kenneth.Whyte@macleans.rogers.com, Mark.Stevenson@macleans.rogers.com, Peeter.Kopvillem@macleans.rogers.com, colin.campbell@macleans.rogers.com, kate.lunau@macleans.rogers.com, dianna.symonds@macleans.rogers.com

    Fair enough … –

    but why did you gloss over the crucial abusers and PROPONENTS (The whole Self-Serving Industry with tax payers money) of the HR Bodies, Commissions etc.:

    Gender/Radical Feminist and their Legal-Judicial-etc. ‘Social Engineers’ Class :

    From Beverly to NJI to CJC to LEAF to EAGLE to Legal Actions of
    this-or-that (but ONLY for FEMLBTG… and ‘Social Engineers’)…

    who have been inflicting, day in day out, tyranny, oppression,
    tragedies of epic proportions, for now 20+ years.

    Why (after historical “Layers are Rats” contribution) is
    Maclean’s also NOT acknowledging and DEFENDING PUBLIC from

    – the latest leak and evidence against NJI and Co. , the OHRC ,
    – IPC/Ont vs. Micheal Bryant/Ont. MAG,
    – gross incidents and irregularities in Ont Oct 07 election by Ont Lib/Gov (including PsyWar against its OWN Population!) – complaints lodged at Elections Ontario, Auditor General of Ontario, and still NO Answers!
    – etc., etc.

    i.e., total break/perverting of Fundamental/Natural Justice and


    Do not you see that “Lawyers are Rats” ‘affected industry’, of
    ABNORMAL uncontrollable/unaccountable power against the People,
    NEVER forgave the Maclean’s and that, they, too, have the VAST
    interests in revenge/silence down of Maclean’s (even via proxies
    who may have its own legitimate reasons to do what they are doing)?

    Why pointing at CIC and NOT at the REAL SOURCE of the problems
    which Maclean’s so bravely attempted to expose with the “Lawyers
    Are Rats” theme?

  8. All you deluding yourselves. Ca. media/Press are so controlled and culprit in cover up etc. to the detriment of the Public that this is already well known in informed circles world wide, especially in EU.

    Ontario Press Council have so serious complaints against Toronto Star, Globe and Mail and they are NOT responding!

    Protest at : Mel Surfin, info@ontpress.com

    2) ALL MSM (in addition to above: Maclean’s/Rogers’, NP/CanWest, canoe/Toronto Sun, CBC, etc.) have at their disposal top journalistic info: evidence, internal leaks, documents of many many Ont Lib Gov. gross abhorrent incidents, scandals whit profound public interest, including security … and what ? All these so called ‘Free Press’ which you are defending are simply in collusion with ‘THEM’, NOT in your, The Public, interest .

    Whom are you kidding?

  9. I agree that Freedom of Speech is paramount importance and any infringement is a serious matter. However, I think we have to look deeper than just the government and just the human rights bodies. We need to look right into the very foundation of political process in this country, in political parties.

    For example, I am the only person who has been banned for life from Libertarian Party discussion forum and facebook. Not because I have done anything wrong, but because I say things that embarass the party leadership – things that are all true.

    So, I ask you…. if even the Libertarian Party of Canada (supposedly the most “freedom-defending” party) resorts to censorship of members to save the party brass from embarassment and exposure for misdeeds, then what hope is there that we can do anything to enhance freedom of speech in the larger society and government? If so-called “Libertarians” resort to censorship within the party, is there any good reason to assume they will not also eventually do so in government?

    The problem is much deeper than something a simple petition of government can solve.

  10. It seems to me the CHRC has been hijacked by special interest groups and some individuals who are now using it as a way to supliment their income. The CHRC does nothing to protect the ever eroding individual rights of the average Canadian. Lets just get rid of it.

  11. Tolerance and open mindedness must encompass all opinions.

    I hope this petition impacts those who can implement our protection.

  12. “You may be 38 years old, as I happen to be.
    And one day, some great opportunity stands before you
    and calls upon you to stand up for some great principle,
    some great issue, some great cause.
    And you refuse to do it because you are afraid.
    You refuse to do it because you want to live longer.
    You’re afraid that you will lose your job,
    or you’re afraid that you will be criticized
    or that you will lose your popularity,
    or you’re afraid that somebody will stab you,
    or shoot at you or bomb your house;
    so you refuse to take the stand.
    ‘Well you may go on and live until you are 90,
    but you’re just as dead at 38 as you would be at 90.
    And the cessation of breathing in your life is but the belated announcement of an earlier death of the spirit. You died when you refused to stand up for right. You died when you refused to stand up for truth. You refused to stand up for justice.”
    -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    From the sermon “But, If Not”
    delivered at Ebenezer Baptist Church November 5, 1967.
    He was assassinated five months later on April 4, 1968.

  13. Fear and intimidation have no place in a free society. We all are free by God’s virtue and no government or agency can change that. Human Rights Commissions must dissapear because they distract the equality before the law, all citizens must enjoy in a free society. They are appointed by political correctnes and they are so impulsed to make everyone politically bound to one single mind and idea, the one who takes God away from us and pretends it can be replaced by some ‘consense’. Tolerance acts only on senses and has nothing to do with true or principple and compassion is not meant to distract nor destroy neither hide the truth, but on the contrary, make it evident so that it can surface. Human Right Tribunals are a tool to make freedom absolute and truth relative or in other words, rid of them both; truth is absolute and fredom is relativce, but to the truth not the tribunals. Tribunals are for working with the law and if two types of tribunals are needed, then there is no law. Get rid of the Human Right Tribunals.

  14. I do not necessarily support Mark Steyn who is evidently pushing his own pro-Israel agenda. I am no longer able to support in any way the Conservative Party which has sold its principles for power. However, the abomination of the antidemocratic inquisition known as the Human Rights Tribunals must be eliminated by any means possible. It is only another ulcer on the decaying body of Canadian democracy but one has to make a start somewhere.

  15. I do not uncritically support Mark Steyn because of his rather obvious pro-Israel agenda. I no longer support the Conservative Party which has sold its principles for power. However, the abomination called the Human Rights Commissions must be fought with all and any means at hand. It is a parody of justice, an anti-democratic travesty of due process, and it has to disappear from Canada.

  16. In all Western Countries the socalled Human Rights Commissions have been subverted by a wellknown group into an instrument of violent suppression of Democratic, Human Rights. In Germany over 20,000 people have been incarcerated for insisting on exercising their Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Assembly and other Human Rights.

    In some European Countries, even the defending laywers are now being persecuted .

    Socalled Hum. Rights legislation is just enabling Communism to invade the West by the backdoor.

    This will lead to public unrest, even resistance and certainly hate of the group involved.

    Therefore, these HR Commissions and their foundation legal basis should be abolished a.s.a.p.


  17. —> the greatest poverty in the world is not the poverty of money but the poverty of love- Mother Theresa…

    Its plain and simple… BE LOVE

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    I too am a Canadian and like you I love Canada. I also love my second adopted country of Mexico where the weather is better for my ailing lungs in my old age.

    I am compelled to respond to some of your letters in support of Bruce Allen. My concern is that you seem to be giving so much energy to reacting to a demanding immigrant or even a few malcontents. I would rather remember all of the wonderful new grateful immigrants to Canada who enrich our culture and boost our economy by their respectful and industrious presence.

    As an immigrant to Mexico, I am truly saddened by some Canadians and Americans also who arrive here often demanding that things be different and changed to the way things run back home. These folk make no attempt to learn the language of THIS country either and often demand English be used.

    I am MORE aware however, of how many of us are reaping the benefits of such a beautiful country with gratitude and respect and are doing our best even though our age holds us back somewhat, to learn Spanish.

    I would rather distribute a letter in support of Bruce Allen’s with the same positive resolve that Bruce practices, welcoming new arrivals and helping them to understand the ways in which Canada has become so great.

    The beauty of our country is that we are allowed to have opinions even ones that we disagree with AND that we are allowed to disagree without censure.

    I truly believe that the only way to change opinions is to creatively demonstrate a positive and productive point of view as opposed to a negative and destructive one.

    Let us affirm one another and welcome diversity without creating more adversity.

    By leaning to adapt, may we feel love and pride for all of our homes while welcoming the positive change that newcomers bring.

    With respect and love,

  20. Without forgiveness there can be no true love or peace…. all who promote hate towards another human being or believe in “an eye for an eye” will ultimately fall victim to their own devices.

  21. This is very true. However, some times we must defend our culture and way of life.

    The Catholic Church still believes in a just war. And that is what we are fighting in.

    “Political correctness seeks to establish the domain of a single way of thinking and speaking. Its relativism creates the illusion that it has reached greater heights than the loftiest philosophical achievements of the past. It prescribes itself as the only way to think and speak – if, that is, one wishes to stay in fashion. Being faithful to traditional values and the knowledge that upholds them is labeled intolerance, and relativism becomes the required norm. I think it is vital that we oppose this imposition of a new pseudo-enlightenment, which threatens freedom of thought as well as freedom of religion. In Sweden, a preacher who had presented the Biblical teachings on the question of homosexuality received a prison sentence. This is just one sign of the gains that have been made by relativism as a kind of new ‘denomination’ that places restrictions on religious convictions and seeks to subordinate all religions to the super-dogma of relativism.” – Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI), Without Roots: The West, Relativism, Christianity, Islam, p. 128.)

  22. I fully support Mark Steyn and his right to express his views…but this is a no brainer.

    What the hell is the matter with you people. Please…end the ignorance NOW!

  23. We are with Steyn and Lavant and to anyone in this country who believes in the unfettered right to express our opinion on any matter. Only when violence is incited by a group should scrutiny be levied. And even at this extreme, censorship has no place, instead any contention ought to be handled in litigation courts and not settled by commissions established by self-serving Leftists.

  24. HRC’s scare the hell out of me! This is supposed to be a free country. HRC’s are nothing but thought police by another name. Canada needs to shut down these HRC’s NOW!

  25. Who was it who said: “I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”? Let’s abolish those HRCs who have no legal or moral authority anyway.


  26. The HRC has become the SS of a new fascist state. Mark should not go and “explain” himself. When you have to “explain ” your political analysis to a board of cross-examiners you are living in a fascist state.

    They know what he as written and wish to harass him and punish him for his criticism of fascism. Mark should flee from Canada and go to a safe country before the Waffen SS come with their jackboots to arrest him. We should all help him to escape this repressive country.

  27. I just realized how bad the free- speech situation really is, I want to make sure that I get connected to the people who are defending our rights and liberties.

  28. We must get rid of the human rights (wrongs?) commission. It is nothing but a kangaroo court and has no place in Canada.

  29. I firmly believe that todays Islamic practice (so heavily influended by the Muslim Brotherhood) is literally (and not just “like”) the Muslim version of Nazism. Although the west defeated Nazism in Christian (and Muslim eg Bosnian SS) Europe we have been ignorant of a second “Nazi” movement gaining power in the Islamic World since the ’30s. It is so much alike; in its hatred of Jews, quest for world domination and symbols for instance that Iranian Islamists and Hezballah even give the Nazi salute at mass “Nurembergesque” rallies that many (please google this and see for yourself) neo-nazis have converted to Islam recently. It is not just that they share an-alike ideology but the Arab world actually took in many German Nazis after the war where they continue to live to this day (if alive still) in Cairo and Damascas. The Mufti of Jerusalem spent the war years in Berlin. Be careful to see the threat for what it really is.

    Islamic terrorism and the quest for world domination and hatred of other religions is not a new phenomenon. It is as old as Islam itself. Don’t let cultural relativism or political correctness blind you to the truth. Muslims are masters (they’ve literally learned from the Nazis and I mean literally been taught by actual indivudual Nazi’s during and after the war not just watched and copied) and are using these tactics to defeat Israel (eg “Green helmet guy” during the recent war in lebanon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salam_Daher) as well as the “modern-day blood-libel” against Israel with the “pali-wood” palestinian lying journalists and help of their dhimmi-French accomplices in the case of the Mohammed Al-dura in which a boys death was staged or purposely incorrectly blamed on Israel thus beginning the second Intifada thus opening the way for 8 years of violence and the murder of 1,000 Jews by Muslims. (http://www.camera.org/index.asp?x_article=855&x_context=3)

    My belief is that because muslims don’t drink they are very uptight. I’m not trying to be funny here I actually believe it. Jews and Christians use Wine in religious practices whereas Muslims have to make do with the promise of wine (irony but look this one up its true) and virgins in paradise. This may explain Shi’ite practices of self-flagelation and “Islamic rage boy”(http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/017036.php) Islamists are also acting as trojan horses to erode Judeo-Christian cultures from the insides with legal cases like the ones against Mark Steyn and Ezra Levine.

    One easy illustration of the violence inherent in what leftist-apologists want us to call (with only evidence to the contrary when viewed by any neutral standpoint) “the religion of peace” is the frenzy that occured over the so-called “danish cartoons” of the (why does everyone now say “prophet”? he’s not my prophet) Mohammed. Lets do a hyperthetical. You saw the worldwide riots over mere cartoons, imagine what would happen if a Christian of Jew shot the head of Islam, say the Mufti of Cairo or Mecca? Riots, death, war? Now the apologists might say “yes, but that would be the same if a Muslim shot the head of the Catholics?” Guess what? It already happend! In 1981 the Pope was shot by Mehmet Ali Ağca, Riots? War? Persecution of Muslims? Pograms? No, the Pope forgave the Muslim terrorist and asked that people to “pray for my brother (Ağca), whom I have sincerely forgiven.”

    Mark Steyn needs all of our support. He and people like Ezra Levant and Geert Wilders, Hirsi Ali, Robert Spencer, Melanie Phillips, Charles Johnson etc are literally the modern-day Charles Martels fighting for the survival of Western Democratic Culture at the hands of barbarians.

  30. I am all in favour of dismantling the “Human Rights” tribunals here, vacating all their disgusting decisions, and compensating all their victims; but, that still leaves the UN “Human Rights” farce being run by scumbag Islamist dictators, ALL of whom refuse to endorse the UN Universal Declaration thereof.

    Can we petition to get them expelled from that once-proud body next??

  31. Not a Canadian and thankfully not. What you have going on there with the HRC’s is truly astonishing and quite alarming. Talk about an abuse of process. Mark Steyn is truly a treasure and needs whatever assitance can be provided, including financial assistance.

  32. We feel threatened by the CANADIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION even down here in Florida. Hillsdale College’s IMPRIMIS publication introduced us to Mark Steyn for which we are very grateful. Then the article in this week’s Washington Times by Pete Vere on Mark’s and Mr. Levant’s efforts to further enlighten us of the magnitude of the Muslim’s clout in Canada is bringing this matter finally to the surface. We support each and every effort to put our First Amendment into perspective in Canada against the aggressive Muslim hoardes.

  33. I think it shameful that Canada, being one of only 5 nations (along w/ U.K., U.S.A., Australia and New Zealand) to have maintained freedom throughout the 20th century, so dishonours the blood and treasure that was shed to earn this distinction, that they surrender to these fascistic thought police.
    Wake Up, people, this war truly starts at home!
    I speak as an Aussie Anglo Saxon, residing in N.Y.C.

  34. The best defence is truth, if you speak truth you cannot be silenced. For history shows it, books on the topic show it. Instead of defending against the commission have them prove you are incorrect, under canadian law you have the right to question your accuser. Having the commision ask you questions is one thing, but to hint and suggest anything becomes an accusation. Truth may set youfree, but truth is always free. So use it.

  35. These so called “human rights” commssions need to be abolished. If people don’t believe in freedom of speech for those they disagree with, they don’t believe in free speech at all.

  36. Canada sounds like Russia under stalin. you’re a laughing stock if you don’t close down these clowns .Remember People’s courts? Remember jackboots? Dhimmitude after all has limits- doesn’t it? steyn will triumph, of course, because of the international coverage he’s exposing these 7th century mental midgets to. The’ll be washed away in confusion as the next atrocity hits Europe, where we continue to offer our cringing arses to their primitivism despite London despite Glasgow.

  37. I remember a Canada where the rule of law prevailed. Where justice and freedom were the norm. Where we opened our arms to the oppressed of the world who welcomed our standards of democracy and justice. In our mood of self satisfaction we slept as successive Governments and Supreme Courts have whittled away at our standards all in the name of Human Rights. We now have a society where criminals, who have more rights than their victims, can claim their “rights’ are being violated. It has not taken long for religious extremists to jump on this bandwagon to silence the free speech of concerned citizens, aided and abetted by Government appointed dupes of the Human Rights Commission.
    We don’t need change. We need to put things right.

  38. Well, well, it looks as though the Liberals have been feeling left out and want to be included in this “free speech” campaign. . hmmm, I wonder why? Although there are NO conservatives left in Canada, Keith Martin, a Liberal (x-Alliance member) is submitting a bill to abolish Section 13 of the CHRC Act.

    The plus side is that all our protesting seems to have made a difference in changing legislation set forth by our dictatorial regime. The downside is that they giveth a bone and then to make up the deficit of tax dollars caused by the abolishment of the HRC positions in govt, they will need to grab our tax dollars from somewhere else – they taketh the bone away! Liberals are best at doing this openly – Keith Martin will look like a hero but he is philosophically a – he believes in the power of government to tell the people how much of their own money it is moral to keep.

  39. One of my words was blocked on this blog by WORD PRESS on my previous post…see the missing word after….”philosophically a …”

    My post was submitted after I removed the word. That word describes the redistribution of wealth from those who produced it to those who didn’t earn it. The word is the one that is missing from this:

    Union of Soviet S———– Republic

    Why would this site block that word? It certainly isn’t usually associated with SPAM is it? Well, maybe in Canada it is! Lets not forget that this site must first get a licence (permission) from the government to exist in the first place.

    Isn’t that strange as this is supposed to be a site for FREE SPEECH!

  40. Hey, in diverse work places in Toronto, try bringing up “Sexual Diversity”, the inclusion of sexual orientation in the definition of Divesity in the workplace. Its true inclusion. I did bring it up. It enraged many of my co-workers, when i pointed out that the head office of my company in Europe promoted it, then the threats began. I did not know it was offensive to Islam, or many of my new Canadian immigrant co-worker and their homophobic allies, promoted to management by them. Remember the oppressed in Toronto. ITs not just well known authors under attack, its the average Canadian who happens to be gay, or Jewish, and happens to work in Toronto.

  41. I thought i was born & raised in a country of free speech, Canada. All i can do is shake my head in discust. This small growing bleeding heart society has gone over board…..’belch’

  42. As some one who has been reading Mr Steyn for years, I thought the case was some sort of a joke when i first heard of it .
    It is not ,which is the real joke (on us) , what is to be done ? The Archbishop of Canterbury might be right ??? God help us .
    Amr Marzouk
    Sydney Australia
    Count me in

  43. This kind of appeasement is what started the last World War. Let’s try and heed the advice of Churchill this time and learn from history, rather than repeat it.

  44. First the right to own property was left out of the Charter of Rights.
    Now free speech is being whittled down in the name of “tolerance”.
    Meanwhile, our troops are fighting in Afghanistan to bring “democracy” there.

    I guess I’m one of those who “just don’t get it”.

  45. I think the time has come to for a new political party in Canada. The Canadian National Party. A party that puts Canada and Canadians FIRST! What Mr. Steyn says about multiculturalism is accurate. The threat of Islam is real. Just as Europe needs to solidify to fight the advent of Eurabia, we must band together and preserve the Canadian way of life. More than preservation, it needs to be THE way of life. Canada was once great and it could be again. Let’s help make the future generation the best generation.

  46. In the 1700’s French philosopher Voltaire wrote many things that apply to the present assault on freedom of thought and freedom of speech:

    On free speech & thought, he wrote, “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” and “Liberty of thought is the life of the soul”

    On Islam, he wrote, “I TELL you again, ignorant imbeciles, whom other ignoramuses have made believe that the Mohammedan religion is voluptuous and sensual, there is not a word of truth in it; you have been deceived on this point as on so many others.

    Canons, monks, vicars even, if a law were imposed on you not to eat or drink from four in the morning till ten at night, during the month of July, when Lent came at this period; if you were forbidden to play at any game of chance under pain of damnation; if wine were forbidden you under the same pain; if you had to make a pilgrimage into the burning desert; if it were enjoined on you to give at least two and a half per cent. of your income to the poor; if, accustomed to enjoy possession of eighteen women, the number were cut down suddenly by fourteen; honestly, would you dare call that religion sensual?

    The Latin Christians have so many advantages over the Mussulmans, I do not say in the matter of war, but in the matter of doctrines; the Greek Christians have so beaten them latterly from 1769 to 1773, that it is not worth the trouble to indulge in unjust reproaches against Islam.

    Try to retake from the Mohammedans all that they usurped; but it is easier to calumniate them.

    I hate calumny so much that I do not want even to impute foolishness to the Turks, although I detest them as tyrants over women and enemies of the arts.

    I do not know why the historian of the Lower Empire maintains that Mohammed speaks in his Koran of his journey into the sky: Mohammed does not say a word about it; we have proved it.

    One must combat ceaselessly. When one has destroyed an error, there is always someone who resuscitates it.”

    ***Wonder why the Canadian muslims haven’t taken Voltaire to the CHRC yet?

    On standing up for speaking the truth, he wrote, “Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare The truth thou hast, that all may share; Be bold, proclaim it everywhere: They only live who dare.”

    And last but not least, one of my favorites, he wrote “Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.” Although the CHRC’s didn’t exist back then, this certainly hits the nail on the head.

    Mark, keep up the good work!

  47. A real conundrum, this. M. Steyn is a victim, but isn’t enjoying his status in the usual, expected sense of the word. Could only happen to someone dubbed “The Happy Warrior”. Lucky so-and-so, that’s what he is.

  48. Whilst I think the above rant stupidly whines on behalf of Christians{whom are no different than Muslims by and large} and makes them out to be victims, and while I think the focus on “conservative” based free speech is silly{there are plent yof left wingers whom are just as anti-islam and just as pro-free speech for ALL, including right wingers, including ANYONE of ANY opinion; I’m one of ’em}, I support this petition.

    I am Anti-theistic, I am mainly left-wing/liberal{not “liberal party”, just “liberal”, in the same sense as the great Thomas Paine for example} in MOST of my opinions. And I am Anti-Political Correction with a vengeance, as a freethinking contrarian and rationalist. Thus, I extend my support to this petition, to Mr.Steyn and Mr.Levant{I saw Levants HRC trial on youtube and had I not been a library I’d have cheered loudly for him the entire time}.

    One problem though. I think in our disgust, many of us have taken to opposing the Human Rights Commissions and even asking they be shut down,etc. This I think si throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The HRC’s have a valid purpose, we just need demand that they no longer are allowed to abuse their power and attempt to censor free speech on behalf of “offended” parties seeking special privelages. But to out and out oppose them is a bad decision in my opinion; we just need to express our anger at this current corruption and DEMAND they get back to their ORIGINAL more valid purpose.

    In Reason:
    Bill Baker

  49. Freedom of speech should trump the political correctness of the Human Rights Commission. The commission and it’s mandate have gone way too far. Disband it!

    Signed and submitted, BG

  50. Steyn need not be martyred to make his mark. Unfortunately the same may not be true for England, and now possibly Canada. I suspect in the latter case that those who would succeed by curtailing free speech are as poor at that as at other aspects of their governance. My kindest gratitude and support to Mr. Steyn.

  51. I am in full agreement with the views of Mark Steyn. And if I wasn’t, I would still support his right to express those views. And, at the risk of being juvenile, leftists are very stupid (and dangerous) people.

  52. Mr. Steyn speaks the truth with a clearer voice than most. In his books he presents the facts and allows the reader to draw their own conclusions, unlike that of the people who are attacking him. The Canadian Human Rights Commission does just the opposite of what it’s name implies it takes away rights of free speech. These commissions gradually undermine the very democracies that give rise to them.

  53. Dear Commissars of all human rights commissions:

    When you condemn someone or something (MacLean’s magaizne and Mr Steyn) without eexamining all the facts, you bring yourself to the level of fools.

    Remember, “condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.” (Carl Jung)

  54. Dear People of Canada

    As citizens of the universe we have a natural entilement to live as free creatures. Since we share the surface of this planet we have developed mechanisms to help us live together. One of those mechanisms is to appoint people to attend to affairs that affect us in varying group dynamics. We call those appointees our governments.

    We hand over to them our authority to manage certain of our affairs that affect all of us in the group. What we have forgotten is that the power is ours to give or to take.

    We now have people in our Government that abrogate the responsibilities we have given them and choose instead to assign to themselves powers to which they have no entitlement.

    There is no place for this behavior in the universe of free creatures. We must withdraw our support and remove from them all power which we have given to them. They are unworthy stewards.

    The time is now to make these changes. When the servants no longer listen to the masters, and abuse their offices to the harm of those they are commissioned to serve, they are no longer worthy os respect.

    It is they who must obey us.

    I propose that those of us Canadians who are now feeling the legitimate outrage at these attempts to impose an ideology upon us by the arrogant group of government officers who are usurping legitimate power to advance against us their unwelcome agenda of restricted freedoms declare publicy our refusal to allow██████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████

    Jack Picknell
    Burnaby, BC Canada

  55. Furthermore █████████████████████████████


    Now is the time.

  56. Good God ! Just shut down that mess of an organization Mr. PM and do it quick ! What the heck are you waiting for? The CHRC’s DECISION? Please be proactive instead of reactive. That’s what you told us voters during the last election.

    Do it then – shut it down – have the RCMP and others investigate this mess of an organization and give back all the monies to the taxpayers that Richard Warman and others have reaped from the CHRC’s incompetence and ignorance of the law.

  57. Why is Mr. Steyn named in the “human rights” and not the Iman he dierctly quoted ( western women have 1.4 babies each and Muslim women 3.5 etc). It is that quotation that is brought forward as hate, why isn’t the author of it in front of the HRC?
    If the HRC’s can’t remember their mandate they need to be removed. . If a complaint isn’t enough to ge to a real court toss it. That bureaucrats can tell Mr. Steyn, Mr. Levant or Maclean’s what to write, publish or think is utterly contrary to democratic principles.

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