One thought on “A Defeated Society

  1. When people have been educated in our Darwinian humanist schools and universities to become Godless liberals they argue that Christianity, not Godless humanism has been destructive to civilization , and they leave important facts out of their arguments. They assume that the textbook arguments are true. They ignor the incredible contributions of Christianity to humanity, from schools to universities, education and Law based on the Bible and the Ten Commandments, the restraint on governments and industrialists exploiting the public and the furtherance of goodwill in our society. The fighting for the so-called Darwin’s lower races to vote in Canada in 1947 and around the world. By contrast Darwinian humanism has educated people to pursue their own selfish desires.
    Humanists forget that far more evil has been done in the name of institutionalized atheism than in the name of Christianity as I have written before. More blood has been spilled as a result of institutionalized atheism than all other causes in all the other centuries combined. By attacking christian public expression and establishing politically correct humanism as a religion and institutionalizing atheism in schools and universities, humanists have successfully removed Christianity and the Moral Law from Canadian society even in the church it sometimes seems. As a result many Canadians behave as if there is no God-given standard of behavior and we all suffer because of this.

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