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Daily reflections 

Our Cambodian partner Banteay Srei works with the poorest of the poor, providing small loans to help them earn a livelihood and helping develop their leadership skills. Give. Learn more about Share Lent.

The above “reflection” was shown on D&P’s home page today.  Not sure how long it has been there.  But, as I was doing more research on their funding of pro-abortion partners in Asia, I happened to notice the name of their Cambodian partner, Banteay Srei.  The name jumped out at me since it’s one of D&P’s partners who holds workshops on “gender and reproductive” health, including but not limited to the distribution of condoms.

Here is the information I was able to find on them:

Banteay Srei
Listed as a Partner on CCODP’s
2006-2011 Asia Program, page 161  
Banteay Srei registered as a local non-government organisation (NGO) with the Cambodian Ministry of Interior in June 2000 and passed to full local management on 1st July 2000. Banteay Srei evolved out of the Australian NGO, International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA) that had been working in Cambodia since 1989….(p.3)

BS held a three-day workshop for 79 CGCs & VGPs [48 women] on gender and reproductive health, misunderstandings about using contraceptives, counselling skills, prevention and reducing spread of HIV/AIDS, reproductive health rights, abortion law and using Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials on RH. After the training the participants reported it had clarified the misunderstandings of using contraceptives, increased their confidence in disseminating information about RH and better enabled them to send clear messages to village women and men. Following the training condoms were distributed free of charge by Banteay Srei, these condoms were then further distributed among the community by the VGPs. (Source: FOOD, SECURITY, AND NUTRITION, Annual Report, p.14)

But here is my question:  why doesn’t Development & Peace feature the above information in their “daily reflection”, something like this perhaps:

Daily reflections 

Our Cambodian partner Banteay Srei works with radical feminists and reproductive rights activists, offering workshops on abortion law and reproductive health as well as distributing condoms free of charge to the community. Give.  Learn more about Share Lent.

3 thoughts on “A Daily Reflection by D&P

  1. The Bishops are in huge denial and/or are trying to cover their butts. Deny, deny, deny and hope everyone gets tired and forgets. Every day this thing gets worse and worse for them. I sincerely hope they see a HUGE drop off on received funds during this years campaign.

  2. Check your Archdiocese website to see how they are dealing with this shocking news. My Archdiocese is holding all funds. The wrote:

    “Archbishop Miller said no monies would be transferred by the archdiocese to the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace until satisfactory guarantees had been made that no money would be sent by them to organizations that advocate anything contrary to the Church’s teaching”

    I think most are taking similar precautions.

  3. My bishop is endorsing D&P as far as I can see. Our diocesan website has a blurp about all the good deeds that the 5 groups are doing in Mexico.

    My bishop is like a mercenary man for the NWO. He closed a chapel at the diocesan centre when he arrived and revamped a church by removing all the pews and placing rows of office chairs for the lifeteen mass he brought to our diocese…but I digress

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