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Queer lobby group Egale Canada has joined a loose coalition of legal and minority-rights advocates opposing the Conservative government’s surprise axing of the Court Challenges Program… “This really compromises our ability to move forward with legal cases,” says Egale’s executive director, Gilles Marchildon. “It means we’ll just have to be more aggressive with our fundraising. It means we’ll have to plead a bit more for legal counsel to work for free. It may be possible to continue with some cases, but not with others. In some cases we may have to take a pass.”…Last week community groups representing women, disabled people, Chinese people, African Canadians, legal clinics and several other minorities announced a campaign to lobby MPs to reinstate the program…The organization is currently involved in Jane Doe Versus Attorney General Of Canada, a case concerning a lesbian couple who want to use sperm from a gay man for artificial insemination. Canadian law prohibits a man who’s had sex with another man since 1977 from donating sperm. Marchildon says Egale is involved in five to seven legal cases at a given time …If we don’t have funding for challenges, it means we understand it less.” Rudyk believes the loss of the Court Challenges Program will spur more lawyers to take on pro-bono work. “I would hope that there’s a ripple effect. Lawyers realize how important test cases are,” he says. (Source)

Isn’t it interesting how Egale buries themselves under the cloak of “minority rights” and “multiculturalism” to advance the gay agenda? Isn’t the gay subculture or rather dominant pseudo culture (as it is fast becoming) part of our great Canadian multicultural mosaic? After all, there is such an obvious parallel between Chinese, African, and disabled people on the one hand, and the right to parade down main street and force churches to host their homosexual weddings on the other. The two are the same. Really they are.

Check it: if Egale wants to whine and complain because public money is not going to be used to expedite the destruction of Western civilization any more, then the government should be funding ALL groups who have a stake in “human rights” – including Christians who are fast becoming the real minorities in this country.

Anyhow, here is the website for The Court Challenges Program. This is one of the proud accomplishments it boasts of:

One example where funding was given to individuals and to a group is the Egan case. In the Egan case, a gay couple, Mr. Egan and Mr. Nesbit, challenged a law that gave government benefits to couples of the opposite sex, but refused those benefits to same sex couples. They argued that this law violated Section 15 because it was unfair to gay men and lesbians. The Program’s funding helped Mr. Egan and Mr. Nesbit pay the costs of taking the case to court.

The Program also gave funding to a group called EGALE for the Egan case. EGALE (Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere) is a national organization that promotes gay and lesbian rights. Because EGALE represents the interests of many lesbians and gay men across Canada, the court allowed it to present its own argument in the case. EGALE’s argument showed that many gay men and lesbians are treated unfairly by this law, not just Mr. Egan and Mr. Nesbit.

So let me get this straight. On the one hand, as long as two men ejaculate on one another, they are entitled to economic and social benefits. On the other hand, two men who prefer not to explore such orgasmic heights are denied the same rights, if they have a mere platonic relationship.

Why is that?

Considering the latter will have no chance of contracting AIDS or HIV, and therefore will avoid the emotional and financial stress that this will cause to both them and the society at large, I see no reason to discriminate against two chaste men. Do you?

You see, there are always 2 sides of the story. Everyone thought Trudeau was waaaaay sexy for titilating the nation with his famous “The State has no place in the bedrooms of the nation”. What he didn’t tell us is that the State (that means you and me, friend) would be throwing in a bonus and picking up the tab for treating our collective diseased genitals too. Ain’t it typical liberal idiocy? – you must accept my behaviour and you must pay for the consequences of it too.

It is a mystery to me why contraceptive ejaculation is so worshipped in this country. I can see how procreating kind of keeps the civilization going and all that, but how exactly do cheap and sterile orgasms benefit anyone else other than the condom manufacturers, pill producers, and abortion providers!?!

Beats me, but that’s the way it is, Buckwheat.

Besides, why should Egale get money to challenge the government while Christians groups and churches, who have been the target of the gay political agenda for close to a decade now, not be given the same instrument to advance their cause? Does anyone believe that The Court Challenge Program which, let’s face it, is stacked with liberal idealogues, will take up the challenges of social conservatives to defend religious rights and freedoms? If you think so, then you’ve been in the closet for far too long.

The fact is that Canada is not a free and equal country at all. It is a country which extols the virtues of certain groups who believe in sexual license over those groups who do not. There is the gay-friendly citizen who enjoys first class status, and then there is everyone else who better watch their step, lest the rainbow jackboot fall on them, as it has on many hard working and decent Canadians.

The Court Challenges Program is the leather boot in Egale’s closet that stomps on this country’s Christian heritage and the traditional family. It’s a leftist front for radical and destructive notions of equality in many of its endeavours with no foundation in natural law or common sense. Check out the background of some of its members and star chamber lawyers (who moonlight as human rights commission appointees and these Commissions’ recent focus, of course, is to attack anyone standing in the way of the gay political agenda) and you will see what I mean. So, in the morning they are handing down decisions bankrupting Christian businessmen, while in the afternoon they are arguing before their judicial budies in the rainbow coalition to overturn basic morality.

In other words, there are lots of lefty power brokers in this program and not one apparent social conservative. Ya think if they wanted to maintain the air of fairness and objectivity, you’d see one Uncle Tom, no?

We socons should select our own Board of like minded individuals and clamour for government money too. We can call our organization something innocuous and egalitarian sounding, just like this program. How about “The Centre for Righteous Justice and the Canadian Way”?


When I was twelve years old, I figured out that the name of the “Americal Civil Liberties Union” didn’t exactly flesh out with reality. What is ostensibly an “fair and objective” program is nothing of the kind.

The Court Challenges Program has no business being funded by the government, when that program has been highjacked by rank social leftists bent on destroying our social fabric.

The Gay and leftist political agenda is an agenda of political, economic, and legal entitlement. It seeks to muzzle dissent and criticism. If gay sex is so great, then let that political constituency, who is so highly “educated” and so financially well endowed, fund their own court challenges program from their own damn money. I think it’s only fair that they use their own money to advance their cause, instead of leeching off the taxes of working families.

Get off the gravy train, guys, and work like everyone else.

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