A Church which lauds the Pro-Aborts and gives Pro-Lifers the Shaft

To:  Archbishop Terrence Prendergast

By  Email

Greetings Your Grace,

Here are two more cases of Development & Peace supporting pro-abortion groups.

One is from El Salvador:

The other is from Columbia:

There are now at least 47 pro-abort groups that the Archdiocese of Ottawa and the Canadian Bishops are continuing to finance.

I would also like to take this opportunity to caution you, your Grace, that the deliberations of the Ad Hoc Committee will likely yield no worthwhile results if they do not recognize the substance of the problem which is, of course, that there is no truly pro-life representation in the funding decisions of Development & Peace.

Speaking for myself (and probably the vast majority of pro-life advocates), we will not accept a mere “paper solution” to this problem.  Even an abortion restriction in D&P’s funding mandate does not reasonably guarantee that future partners will not be pro-abortion.  What is needed is an active pro-life advocate on the board of Development & Peace to have a veto on any money awarded to any group.  Practically speaking, this is the minimum control that is required for a legitimate reformation of Development & Peace.

It is rather disturbing to me that Development & Peace and the bishops ostensibly want to find a solution to this problem and yet refuse to sit down and talk to the very critics who have brought the issue forward.  It’s like a mediation session without the other party.  Doesn’t that strike you as rather absurd?  Does everyone just sit around the table and agree with one another that there’s no serious problem? 

The Canadian bishops have little difficulty in collaborating with and praising a pro-abortion organization as a “strong witness to Jesus”, and yet do not have the temerity to sit across the table from their own spiritual children and talk about the problems in their own Church.  I find that both telling and tragic – for the Church and the unborn.  Where is our episcopal leadership and the frank, open, honest, and transparent dialogue that we have repeatedly called for?

Yours truly in Christ,

John Pacheco

Socon or Bust



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