A Catholic Sentinel is getting results

God bless American Life League President Judie Brown for being so persistent. She’s a true incarnation of the Catholic Sentinel that I spoke about. And she’s getting results:

Top officials at the Vatican are throwing their support behind pro-life Catholic leaders campaigning against dioceses allowing pro-abortion politicians receive Holy Communion, says one such leader.

American Life League President Judie Brown spoke with LifeSiteNews yesterday about her recent trip to Rome, where she spoke with Vatican officials about Communion for pro-abortion politicians and the changing pro-life landscape in America.

Cardinal Raymond Burke told Brown to be “persistent” in her campaign to have Canon 915 enforced, she said. (Source)

That’s exactly right, your Eminence. We need to be so persistent as to become bloody unbearable.

“We have every reason to be optimistic. But, all Catholics must stand up and be Catholic even when it’s uncomfortable,” she concluded.

You preach it, sister.

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