A Cardinal with Cajones

Cardinal Ranjith to his clergy: communion on the tongue only and while kneeling is mandatory

And not only that, check this out:

And so dear fathers, kindly ensure that in each Church in your parishes there is an adequate supply of a sufficient number of amices, girdles, stoles and chasubles for daily use. When I come for my parish visits starting from January next year, I will check on this matter personally. Kindly begin celebrating your daily sacrifice of the Eucharist properly clad and that means dressed with the alb, with or without the amice, the girdle, stole and chasuble. This should start immediately. The Auxiliary Bishops and Episcopal Vicars should kindly ensure that this is strictly followed in your areas.

Didjus catch that, Buckwheat?  No more jeans and banjos. The Cardinal isn’t delegating.  Can you imagine that?  You know what you’re called when you don’t delegate and are actually personally involved in such “trifles”?  You’re called a father.  Only bureaucrats delegate.

The horse dung is getting shovelled out of the stalls. And dad’s doing it himself, with shovel in hand. Thanks be to God.

  ¡Viva la Revolución!

One thought on “A Cardinal with Cajones

  1. I have never seen our priests without full vestment. Communion on the Tongue, and kneeling is optional at our parish but there are a few , maybe 5% who do that. What is now mandatory is to bow before receiving.

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