A Bitter Truth

In this case, the criteria are designed to bolster something that Canadians hold dear: a tolerant multicultural society. But isn’t Canada strong enough to withstand free debate on the topic of multiculturalism – indeed on any topic – even if some of the debate is offensive?Many of us in so-called protected groups are regularly offended by what we read, hear and watch. But I am not willing to risk the freedom to raise my own voice in order to silence those whose ideas I dislike.This is a bitter truth for some. But if you accept the government’s right to censor for the value of tolerance and multiculturalism, you must also accept the government’s right to censor for peace and harmony. And that is the justification given for most of the odious censorship laws in the world. (Toronto Star)

My goodness. Over two weeks since Ezra pulled a 9/11 on the AHRC, the Toronto Star has removed its collective head out of its arse and come up for some much needed air to comment.  The Leftwing media in this country, being thoroughly humiliated once again in refusing to cover the most important story of the year, has finally caved and – gasp – got it right!

The answer to their questions is as follows:

Yes, Canada is strong enough to withstand free debate on multiculturalism. But liberals are not – obviously.  Dogmas must not be questioned, don’t you know? 

Yes, freedom needs to tolerate offensive speech. This is indeed  a bitter truth. Conservatives can handle it. Liberals cannot.

That’s why we have human rights commissions.  Liberals created them and still support them to this day.

If you really believe in free speech, Mr. Liberal, then let’s see you DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. 

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  1. I’m Canadian, and I’ve been discussing Ezra on my blog (zibert.blogspot.com). I’ve said that I want his face on our currency, which should give a pretty good idea whose side I’m on.

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