A Bishop With Some Guts

Your Grace, if you ever want to move to Canada, please know that you would be most welcome here.

We don’t have many bishops with your fidelity. Not many at all.  Maybe two or three.  Most of them are compromised or on the take for one thing or another. They prefer to get along with one another and the corruption they’ve spawned, rather than obey God’s laws.  But we can see now with the abuse scandal that God’s finally had enough of the filth and He’s exposing everything.  The Lord is even using the liberal media (despite some of their groundless accusations) to clean things up. Talk about irony.

Bishop Tobin’s actions towards CHA are no different than they would be with Development & Peace.

Neither of these corrupt organizations support abortion, of course. They just support other “aspects” or “initiatives” of the program which also funds or enables abortion.

Bishop Tobin has slammed that idea down hard.  Is there a Canadian Bishop who has eyes to see or ears to hear?  Or is it just going to be more eyes-wide-shut?

3 thoughts on “A Bishop With Some Guts

  1. We have some Bishops with guts but we also have more than a few who don’t.
    If not for Catholics i doubt Obama would have been elected.
    Now we have this Father Pfleger getting an award
    Last year it was Notre Dame letting Obama give a commencement speech.
    The US Catholic Church is in trouble.Evidently we need the ones who do speak out to speak louder.It comes down to the laity waking up and supporting these men. BTW.i put up a banner linking back here on our Catholic forum.
    I hope ppl will stop here and sign your petition!

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