A Bishop Who Knows Where His Bread Is Buttered

Belize’s Roman Catholic Bishop Dorick Wright issued a directive to the country’s Catholic schools stating that “organizations whose activities and positions are actively opposed to the moral teachings of the Catholic Church, and which endanger the souls of the People of God, cannot be welcomed under any circumstances in our schools.”…Bishop Wright concluded that, “This agenda of sodomy, abortion, and sexual gender redefinition is seeking to radically change Belize’s Christian character. I call on all of you to be vigilant with me against this threat to Belize’s moral foundations and family values.” (Source)

That’s a real bishop for you. Plain spoken. Clear.  And Decisive.

This kind of language and action is almost like from another universe. It’s almost unintelligible and inexplicable for us Canadians.  Could we ever hope to have a bishop like this in our lifetime?…who…wait for it…wait for it…..ahhhhh…..yeah baby!

Didn’t check his Episcopal authority at the door of the national conference of Catholic bishops!

In light of what’s going on with the OSCB and the Kielburgers, this is like a sad and really cruel joke on us.  It really is.

Does anyone have a private jet?  Maybe we go fly to Belize and kidnap this holy bishop and install him in this country somewhere. By popular acclamation.

Then again, we get the leaders we deserve.


One thought on “A Bishop Who Knows Where His Bread Is Buttered

  1. JMJ

    God bless Bishop Wright! This family daily begs the Holy Ghost to convert the subversive, defiant, disloyal, disobedient, unsubmissive, not fervent, not devout, not orthodox bishops, priests, religious, and lay people, just as He has converted so many; and we praise the Holy Ghost for the loyal, obedient, submissive, fervent, devout, orthodox bishops, priests, religious, and lay people, and now Bishop Wright is going to be a special object of our prayers.

    Thanks, John, for this uplifting news–we probably wouldn´t have seen it anywhere else except on Socon or Bust.

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