A Bishop Is Under Authority Too

No one in the Church can act purely on his own authority, the Pope continued. He pointed out that this is especially true of the Roman Pontiff, who “cannot do as he pleases; quite the contrary, he is the custodian of obedience to Christ and his Word.” If they expect the faithful to follow their leadership, Pope Benedict said, bishops and priests should make it clear that they themselves accept the guidance of the Church. He explained: “No one, in fact, is truly capable of feeding the flock if they do not live in profound and authentic obedience to Christ and the Church; and the docility of the people towards their priests depends on the docility of priests toward Christ.” …(Source)

It’s a sad thing indeed that the bishops have forgotten this obedience to Christ.  I see that in the predicament that the Knights of Columbus finds itself in. It does not want to supercede the Bishops’ judgement on who is and who is not a Catholic.  That is a totally understandable position. On the other hand, any politician who is a pro-abort is not a Catholic, and therefore allowing them to pretend to be one is also a scandal for any Catholic organization.

If the bishops would clean up their act and obey the Gospel, a lot of things would sort themselves out.  Instead, their infidelity is largely responsible for the divisions that are being created.

2 thoughts on “A Bishop Is Under Authority Too

  1. As you say, we can appreciate the dilemma of the Knights of Columbus. However, the K of C has its own membership requirements, one of which is being a “practical Catholic”. Membership does not state, if I remember correctly, anything about being in good standing with the Bishop. So it would not require action on the part of the Bishop for the K of C to decide someone is not a “practical Catholic”. Another option – one I would take if I were active in a council – would be for faithful members to transfer to another council, or suspend their own membership.

    If religious orders like the Sinsinawa Dominicans can tolerate members who wear pro-abortion t-shirts, tolerated by their leadership and bishops, why should the K of C be afraid of the bishops? Especially when they are not going AGAINST them, but FOR them?

  2. This is just another example among many statements by Pope Benedict where he is gently telling priests and bishops to get their act together. I think his patience is wearing thin with dissenters.

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