A Bishop for the Church!

Last night’s Episcopal consecration of now Bishop Christian Riesbeck was pretty impressive.  The Cathedral was packed to the rafters.  There must have been over 100 priests in attendance and about 40 Bishops, including the Bishop of Gavelston-Houston, Texas where Bishop Christian was a pastor for many years, as well as Cardinals Lacroix and Collins and the Papal Nuncio.  The Papal Nuncio’s remarks were warmly received by all in attendance…..he’s got that good fella Italiano about him, if you know what I mean.  Overall it was a pretty inspiring evening.  Bishop Christian wowed the Faithful speaking in his four languages…English, French, German, and Spanish (which he picked up in Houston).

Here are some pics of the evening:

bishop christian1

Bishops processing into the Cathedral.

bishop christian2

During the event.  Seated in the center aisles were over 100 priests, with about 40 bishops on the altar.

bishop christian3

Bishop Christian (with Archbishop Prendergast) blesses everyone as they process up and down all three aisles in the Cathedral.

bishop christian4

At the reception at the swanky National Art Museum across the street.  Bishop Christian asked to have a picture taken with Socon or Bust and his two daughters.  I obliged.  (Just kidding! It was the other way around.)

A couple of little skinnies for you…

Apparently Bishop Tom Dowd and Bishop Christian are about 6 months apart in age with Bishop Tom being the younger of the two. They are the two youngest bishops in North America.  And get this:  they both received their first Holy Eucharist at the same time at St. Albertus parish here in Ottawa.  How amazing is that?  There were two boys in the class!  Talk about batting 100!

You know, personally, I’ve always considered that being on the “outside” really sucks.  It’s very heartening that we’re finally getting some traction with good solid men being admitted into the Episcopacy who have no baggage or connection with bishops who were involved with the Winnipeg Statement.   Sometimes, it takes time to get the poison out of your system.  It’s no different when you are talking about a great evil that has gripped the church over the last 2 generations of bishops.   Bishop Dowd and Riesbeck represent the generation that are finally free of the Snake of Winnipeg.  Anyhow, as I was saying, Socon or Bust is never going to be the right hand man of any bishop, just because of what we need to do sometimes, but it is a great feeling not necessarily being the bad ass for an evening…that you feel like you belong, for a change.

You know, I’ve had a lot of people come up to me in the last few days and tell me they read Socon or Bust. I think it’s cute, since we’re a small blog here and we don’t let fame go to our head, by any stretch.  Our traffic numbers sure keep us humble.  That’s for sure.  But, I want to share this little tidbit with you that I had a good chuckle with my family about today – as I recalled the incident from about 2 years ago.

When For Greater Glory first came out, the organizers were showing it at St. Paul’s University.  I tried to help them out by posting the advertisement on my blog.  Anyhow, when the movie was scheduled to be shown, I had located the room at St. Paul’s and I quickly snuck out to get some munchies.   On my way to the convenience store, I ran into Fr. Riesbeck.  I greeted him and asked him where he was going.  He said he was going to see the movie.

I said, “Oh yeah“.  Unassumingly, I asked him, “So where did you hear about it?  Is the Archdiocese promoting it?”

Oh“, he said, “I saw it on Socon or Bust.”

Zing!  How’s that for a Holiday Inn Express commercial for ya!

Put another notch in the blogosphere’s influence belt, baby!

One thought on “A Bishop for the Church!

  1. Thanks for your Socon or Bust influence and Catholic steadfastness!
    You and our “New Age” generation of Bishops “rock my world!
    May Our Lady of Canada, of The Rosary, of Cap de Madeleine, of Quebec, of Ville-Marie, of Combermere, of Marmora, and of Gratitude Bless and protect you, your family, our Bishops and Priests, our Church and our Country!

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