A Badge of Blogger Honour

“Moreover, calls for a protest against Fr. Arriaga had been issued on the Internet, but no more than a dozen protesters were expected. The polemic had grown primarily because of the blog SoCon or Bust, known for its vitriolic statements, and the site called LifeSiteNews, one of the most virulent in the country when it comes to criticizing everything that seems to depart from the moral positions of the Catholic Church.” (Source)

The whole article is really quite a joke and shows up the established press for the pedestrians that they are. First of all, the article in question keeps referring to the June 2009 false “exoneration of Development & Peace by the “investigating committee” as implying that everything was settled by the notorious white-washed report which “the Committee” released. Well, that’s absolutely false for anyone who knows anything about this sad saga. The last round of deliberations by the bishops found Development & Peace implicitly guilty of the blogger charges laid against them. But we shouldn’t let such trifles like the facts get in the way of liberal journalism.

The other thing the reporter says is that “no more than a dozen protesters were expected.” Really? Where did he get that information? He got the “dozen” from my blog post, but where did he get the “no more” from? My blog post actually suggested there might indeed be more. I certainly did not say “but no more were expected”.   Does that make any sense? Why would I say such a stupid thing? Why did this reporter provide false information? He had no clue of how many people at all were attending except from my blog post.

You see, folks, that’s why Canadians are finally going to be rid of these sanctominious pinheads who dominate the Canadian media scene when Sun News Network fires up on Apr.18. We’ll finally have an alternative to the Lefist media czars and their politically correct talking points.

Oh, and by the way, being labelled as “vitriolic” by the Leftist media is a badge of honour in Canada. It’s a sign that you’ve won the debate on the facts, and the only thing they have left is to throw out hyperbolic adjectives on how you did it.

The mainstream press is like their cousins in the Professional Catholic class in the Catholic Church: desperately trying to hold on to something they can no longer control or manipulate. They don’t like conservative bloggers and they like Catholic bloggers even less…because we get at the truth of what’s going on.

The new currency in cyber commentary is the Truth.  The more you have it, the richer and more credible you become. Credentials, titles, honours or badges don`t mean a hill of Juan Valdez’s beans in this society. Those who ask for them as a prerequite before affording credibility will be left in the dust for the simple reason that people follow the truth, and the bloggers provide it to them while CanChurch, which is still largely stoned on social justice, still thinks it can control the message. 

In the unlikely chance that there are some really genuine (independent) bloggers at the upcoming Vatican Blogger summit, I hope that`s a message that is communicated loudly and clearly to those in authority in the Church and within the Pontifical Council for Social Communication.

Stay on message with the truth of the Catholic faith and be faithful to it, or face blogger justice.

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