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From the sixth chapter of the Holy Gospel According to John, Jesus explains the teaching on the Eucharist.
Mark Bonocore dialogues with an inquirer into the value of the Old Testament sacrifices in light of the New Covenant of Jesus Christ.  A very interesting read!
's Staff Apologist, John Pacheco, corrects Mike Taylor's deficient exegesis of John 6.  Mr. Taylor thinks he scores a few goals against some prominent Catholic Apologists.  We just didn't have the heart to tell him that he had scored on his own net…until now.
A short exchange on infant baptism.  It's short because Art Sippo makes quick work out of the objection to this ancient practice.
A solid biblical defense of the Catholic priesthood is presented here in this exchange.
This exchange represents another excellent defense of the Catholic Priesthood and the Mass.  Art Sippo makes quick work of the objections thrown at him.
This lengthy exchange covers the priesthood, indulgences, justification, Luther and other issues.  Very informative.
Art Sippo demolishes the objections to clerical celibacy, providing strong arguments from Scripture.