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By first capturing the imagination and defining the heroes of a culture through fiction and entertainment, and then translating that success through the various media outlets to propagate the message, a whole civilization can be moved.  Controlling the mythology and the media, therefore, is the only viable and far-reaching strategy for taking our culture back and restoring Christian civilization.
In this article, Mark Bonocore explains the difference between the form and the substance of the Holy Eucharist.
In this article, Mark Bonocore shares the Catholic understanding of transubstantiation.
John Pacheco carefully lays out the reasons why women cannot function as priests.
Frank Jerry has picked out a new Catholic Apologetic concerning the Eucharist in John 6.
Visting apologist Timothy Ouellette refutes a false and anti-incarnational understanding of Titus 3:4-7.  A short but excellent rebuttal.
Is it correct and Apostolic to baptize infants and children before the age of reason?  Mark Bonocore tells us the answer.
Using Scripture and the Church Fathers, Mark Bonocore dispenses with Fundamentalist reductionism of Christianity.  Christians do indeed need the Church for the forgiveness of sins.
Mark Bonocore dispenses with some liberal interpretations regarding arguments for female ministers.
Mark Bonocore serves up a concise but devastating piece for those Christians who deny the sacramental nature of baptismal regeneration.  With the appeal to only a few scriptures and his rather penetrating insight, Mark shows how the objections to water baptism are indeed rather shallow.
The Eucharist is one Catholic belief not easily understood even by Catholics.  This article explains briefly what and why Catholics believe in the Eucharist.
All "Bible only" Christians deny the ministerial priesthood because it is not mentioned in the New Testament.  This article shows that we have scriptural support of the ministerial priesthood from the Old Testament.
A tract on water baptism.
In this paper, John Pacheco offer a few reasons why the Church does not ordain women to the priesthood.  It is one of the most misunderstood issues in the Church and in society.  To the modernists, it is the last bastion of male patriarchy that must be defeated; to the orthodox,it is the last untouched pillar which preserves the faith.  It is not just a matter of a distorted and perverted "equality" issue in the Church, but impacts on the very essence of Catholicity, impressing on the Church's theology as well.
Learn how the Scriptures and Jewish tradition are just laced with water baptism.
Some Christians think that the only valid form of baptism is by immersion.  Yet, the evidence suggests otherwise.
A sober accounting of Bucer and Cranmer's destruction of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the disastrous effects on the liturgy in the Anglican communion.
Learn the correct understanding of the term "born again" so that next time your Evangelical friend asks if you've been "born again", you can pull out your baptismal certificate to prove it.