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Evangelicals stepped up to the plate this Christmas by defending this holiday.  Problem was they broke with their forefathers and became somewhat Catholic in doing so.  Read how Mark Bonocore thanks them for it.
Mark Bonocore discusses three cultural and historical reasons why Calvinists have an erroneous view of the nature of God.
Art Sippo reviews some typical Protestant errors and corrects some misunderstandings of the Catholic position.
In this introduction to Modernism, one of our history specialists, Suzanne Fortin, gives us a solid and informative primer on the dangers and pitfall of modernism, the scourge of the Church in our modern day.
According to our site statistics, our little log of Protestant denominations seems to be a popular page.
Art Sippo reveals the disastrous effects of Luther's revolt against the Catholic Church in many fields of human pursuit as philosophers and politicians used his approach in attacking Christianity.  A sad and tragic account.
This article provides a short synopsis of the events leading to Luther's break with Rome, including the modernist heresy rampant at that time.
This short article shows the different conception of God which Calvinists have.
This article provides a reality check on certain revisionists who want to paint Martin Luther as some kind of hero-reformer.  But as this article clearly shows, he was no reformer and no hero.
Art Sippo responds to a Messianic Jew on the genesis of the Reformation and sets him straight on the legitimacy of the Catholic Church.