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Question:  I have been reading your stuff on the seat of Moses.  I am still confused.  According to Isaiah 11, the power to "bind and loose" was given to the King's prime-minister (shall we say), who in this case was Eliazar.  Now from reading what you have written on the seat of Moses, and those who sat therein, one would expect Eliazar to have been a high priest since, those who sat on the seat of Moses (in the fullest sense) were high priests.  But was Eliazar even a high priest?
Question:  I searched my Church Fathers CD-ROM and cannot find anyone saying the phrase "Chair of Peter" has a local or regional sense.  Do you have a citation for this?
Question:  Can you give me some citation on these?  I have been reading on the development of the OT canon and I have not seen any reference to a 200 BC Sanhedrin decision (wasn't 2 Maccabees written in 100 BC?).  Are you speaking of the "Great Synagogue" theory (c. 400 BC)?  Also, I cannot find any reference to the Chair of Moses other than Scott Hahn's tape.
Question:  Could you assist us in obtaining background information regarding the Seat of Moses?  We are looking for Jewish foundation.  We would appreciate any direction.  Thanks and God Bless.