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Mark Bonocore interacts with some questions from a Lutheran minister.  All very polite and nice-like.  We were on our best behaviour with this one.  You'se be nice to us and we'ze be nice to you.
Mark Bonocore flattens J. Michael Gainor's pretensions over a scholarly critique of the papacy.  It seems that every time one of these thick fundies opens their mouths, gets the opportunity to securely shut it.  It's September, Mike.  Back to school for you.
One of James White's disciples, calling himself "Stormtrooper", attempts to educate Mark Bonocore on historical Christianity and the Catholic Council of Nicea.  As Mark clearly shows, however, he still belongs to the Dark Side.
Mark Bonocore answers eleven alleged "proofs" which claim that St. Peter was not in Rome and did not lead the Church in the eternal city.  Mark shows how shallow the objections are to Catholic truth.
Read this short exchange between Mark Bonocore and James White.  Readers will agree that Mark locks out White time and time again.
James White gets his butt whooped by Catholic Apologist-extraordinaire, Mark Bonocore.  Read how Mark takes James to school on what the early Church Fathers taught about Petrine primacy and authority.  You almost feel sorry for James White…but not quite.  Fun for the whole family.
A former Catholic thinks he has found major issues which debunk the Church's claims over unity and truth.  Read how he is instructed otherwise.
Popes who fooled around.  Inquisitions which tortured and murdered.  Still, the Faith is preserved.
Was Peter in Rome?  Was Paul more important than Peter?  What about Paul's rebuke of Peter?  How do these and other questions affect Petrine Primacy?  Find out in this exchange.
The following dialogue occurred over a number of weeks in July, 1999 on a Seventh Day Adventist discussion board with a gentleman named 'Ted'.  The dialogue focuses on Papal primacy and other related issues.