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In late August, Mark Bonocore was invited to be a guest on Stu Epperson's Evangelical Protestant radio show, TruthTalk Live.  The topic of the show was to be why Evangelical scholars seem to use of the writings of the Church fathers inconsistently.  As anyone interested in Christian media is well aware, over the past year, a score of Evangelical writers and speakers have appealed to the testimonies of the early Church fathers to counter the ridiculous historical distortions presented in Dan Brown's infamous book/movie, The DaVinci Code.  Well, to make a long story short, Mark's opponent, Gary DeMar, demonstrated the same old tired defenses of Sola Scriptura and objections to Catholic oral tradition.  In this two part rebuttal, Mark tries to keep Gary DeMar's boat from floating away into obscurity.
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In this free-wheeling exchange, Staff Apologist Mark Bonocore has some fun with some loonie modernist and liberal ideas all rolled into one!
So just what is a Protestant Pickle you ask?  A Protestant Pickle is a situation a Protestant finds him or herself in when confronted with a foolproof argument dealing with matters of religion.  From time to time, we will present a new question for our Protestant audience and we encourage each one to try and respond as best they can.  Selected submissions will be posted on this website.
Our Question:
St. Paul commanded the Thessalonians in 2 Thessalonians 2:15 to keep the traditions that they had been taught either orally or in writing:
Therefore, brethren, stand fast; and hold the traditions which you have learned, whether by word, or by epistle.
The Protestant dilemma is to come up with a citation from Scripture where an Apostle changes this command to limit our acceptance to written tradition only.  Of course, if an Apostle had given this command, it would have disqualified his very own preaching at that very moment!  Be that as it may, let's see what our Protestant brethren can come up with.  Submit an Answer.
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Mark Bonocore pulls the plug on some dirty water.  Read how Mark masterfully defends both the Catholic Church's authority and sacramental baptism through his appeals to early patristics.
A Protestant sensationalist by the name of David Cloud has issued the following series of questions as a "challenge" for Catholic apologists to "chew on".  Evidently, Mr. Cloud is under the impression that Catholics will be unable to answer them.  However, as Mark Bonocore easily illustrates, this Cloud's objections don't seem to float.
Mark Bonocore provides us with a stirring defense of the Catholic Church's belief in Apostolic Succession.  Despite the claims of the liberal, secular critics, Apostolic Succession is indeed historical and true.  In this lengthy apologia for the Faith, Mark easily dismantles the equivocations and the bad reasoning of a former Christian who has lost his way – badly.
In this interesting dialogue, Art Sippo explains how the Protestant foundational belief in the Bible is predicated on the authority of the Catholic Church.  Art shows his opponent how it's both or neither.  Later in the dialogue, Art discusses some nuances in the Catholic view of justification.  A very interesting and enlightening read.
Frank Jerry traps a poor Oneness Pentecostal and gets him to fess up that the Church is the keeper of those unwritten traditions the Apostles handed down.  This dialogue will certainly be nominated for the "Catholic Apologetic Zinger Awards".
Mark Bonocore offers his views on the problems with Anglican Orders.  With the recent auto-demolition of the Anglican communion over same-sex "marriage", this once lively debate between Catholics and Protestants is becoming a rather moot point.
In this rather lengthy exchange with an inquiring Protestant, Art Sippo defends the Church's teachings in a number of areas.  The focus of the discussion centers around the nature of Church Authority and Sacred Tradition.
We recently received a request to reply to a "confused layperson" regarding some factional in-fighting within the Catholic Church.  After reading the layperson's letter, one will be able to see that this person really has not understood the Catholic teaching of doctrinal unity, but has been fed a silly caricature of it instead.
A former Catholic thinks that he has found major issues which debunk the Church's claims over unity and truth.  Read how he is instructed otherwise.
A number of issues are covered in this exchange with an earnest Protestant looking into the claims of the Catholic Church.
Sabbatarians believe that the early Christians got it all wrong.  We should have kept Saturday as the Sabbath, they claim.  Find out if that is kosher.
Sippo and White discuss a number of issues including ecclesiology, justification, the papacy, and Scripture.
The following piece is a collection of excerpts from a longer dialogue with an Anglican apologist named Karl.  The main subject revolves around the validity of Anglican orders but also includes issues relating to the authority of the Catholic Church.