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In this e-mail exchange between guest apologist Brock Restovich and Chad (a Baptist), Chad demonstrates the hole Protestantism has dug for itself in regards to Sacred Tradition, alternately refusing it and relying on it.
See this humdinger of a video of Gerry Matatics asking James White the following questions: (a) "Did the people in Jesus' day practice Sola Scriptura?"  (b)"Did the Apostles practice Sola Scriptura, Mr. White, yes or no?"  Incredibly, James White answers "no" to both questions!!!!  At least he's honest, but the question is: if the early Christians or the Apostles did not practice Sola Scriptura, then why does Mr. White?  And more importantly, if you are a Protestant, then why do you?
Mark Bonocore puts pseudo-intellectualism to rest in this rather long dialogue.  Read why Mark Bonocore is one of the top Catholic Apologists today.
Mark Bonocore responds to a critique from a Protestant on an earlier paper he wrote.  Focusing on the Gospel of Matthew and the epistemological flaws of Protestantism, Mark leaves this gentleman "holding" the bag.
Jason Engwer receives a remedial lesson in basic apologetics.  Read how Mark Bonocore completely obliterates Engwer's position on Sola Scriptura, showing him that he has no objective standard for his interpretations of the Bible.
Mark Bonocore dialogues with a fellow Catholic over Genesis 6 and the theological consequences of the literal interpretation of angels mating with humans.  An interesting exchange.
Read the remarkable concession from Reformed apologist, Tim Enloe.
John engages Reformed Apologist, Tim Enloe, on the inherent flaws of Sola Scriptura.  Read how really weak the Protestant position is, despite a very able opponent's efforts.
Frank Jerry exposes a Fundamentalist's pretensions over Holy Writ.
A rebuttal to Geisler and MacKenzie's book Roman Catholics & Evangelicals: Agreements & Differences regarding certain false Old Testament Canon claims.
Art gives a Bible lesson on a variety of topics.  "Bible Jim" has sure met his match.
Discussion on the Jewish canon and some bad Protestant scholarship.
William Webster repeats the same old and tired errors of protestations against the truth.  Read about their refutation here.
The subjective Protestant proof of inspiration of the Bible is exposed in this short exchange.
John Pacheco and James White share their views on Sola Scriptura and various issues surrounding Church ecclesiology.  The first salvo comes early in the exchange when James suggests that St. Jerome believed in Sola Scriptura.  After a few tit-for-tats, both participants continue a more substantive exchange.  An amusing read that will keep you hooked till the end.  Please pay particular attention to James' ultimate position in an eternal and transcendent truth surrounding a mini-exchange (near the end of the dialogue) on Mary's Perpetual Virginity.