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Question:  A gentlemen who is an elder (not minister) in a fundamentalist church, claims he has the ability to look into someone's eyes and know if that person is "saved".  I thought only Jesus knows who is saved.  What Bible verse(s) would address that issue?  He used this statement in the context that Catholics are NOT saved.
Question:  John, I have a question for you.  What do you think of the following statement:
Whenever you sin, you're saying to God, "I hate you." (re-read once or twice)
I recently attended a talk and the speaker kept emphasizing the above statement.  This did not sit well with several people in the audience, including myself.  I've been reflecting on his remark and it still doesn't sit right in my mind.  My mother used to tell me to be home by 10pm and I would sometimes walk in at 1am.  Why did I do this?  Was it because I hated my mother?  Of course not!!!  Anyhow, before I go on with my own train of thought I'd really enjoy hearing your point of view on the matter.  Let me know what you think in all honesty.  Perhaps I'm out to lunch.  By the way, I'm in no way attempting to downplay the seriousness of sin, I'm simply questioning the truthfulness of the speaker's statement.
Question:  Why don't Catholics make the necessary distinction between sanctification and justification?
Question:  I have an Evangelical friend who interprets Romans 10:9-17 as meaning that unless one believes in Christ as saviour one cannot be saved; therefore, the Church's teaching on Baptism by desire and the idea that pagans who are invincibly ignorant of the truth of the Faith and lead upright laws according to the natural law can be saved.
Question:  Was Abraham justified before men or God?
Question:  Does the Catholic Church not believe in original sin theology?  In Adam's fall, we all sinned.  Or do you believe it, but not to the point that Calvin takes it?
Question:  The idea of the loss of salvation is one that I do not fully understand.  Can you explain it to me?
Question:  Should it be a struggle for the average Catholic to have peace about where he/she will spend eternity?  I mean, one could go to mass 50,000 times in a lifetime…and still theoretically go to hell.