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Mark Bonocore explores the relationship between the "patronus" ("patron") and his "clientia" ("clients") in ancient Roman society, and how it illustrates the cultural mentality of someone like St. Paul (and that of his Roman audience) when expressing himself in the Epistle to the Romans.
One of the most commonly-quoted Shakespearean lines may, in fact, be an intended, but well-disguised, jab at Luther's error of sola fide – that is, "faith alone".
Art Sippo makes it clear to his correspondent that Protestant objections to temporal punishment are not biblical.
How does God justify us to enter heaven?  On this issue of Justification, 16th century Reformers broke away from the Catholic Church.  Wibisono Hartono compares the Catholic teaching on Justification with the position of Protestants and "Bible Only" Christians.
Are you "born again"?  Evangelicals and Catholics are often at odds over how to answer this question - and what it really means in the first place.  Staff Apologist Robert Klaus offers this concise explanation of how the Bible defines the term "born again" and how Evangelicals and Catholics often talk past each other!
Art Sippo explains the Catholic position regarding this hyper-Calvinist proof text.  Very good and very informative.
Mark Bonocore gives us a brief overview of the Catholic understanding of Our Lord's atonement, while contrasting it to the heretical classical Protestant view.
In this excellent yet concise article, veteran Catholic Apologist Art Sippo gives an excellent overview on the basic differences between Catholicism and classic Protestantism in the understanding of Christ's atonement.
Wibisono Hartono provides a good primer on the differences between Calvinism and Catholicism.  He cites authoritative texts and meshes in Scripture to make the Catholic case.  A good piece for beginners.
Art Sippo responds to Robert Sungesis' position on the Pauline "Works of the Law".
A tract against salvation by faith alone.
A tract on assured salvation.
Are you saved?  Of course not.  You're Catholic!  You would not presume to be irrevocably saved, especially when the Bible does not teach such a deadly doctrine.  Share the saving truth of our Christian responsibility with a Protestant friend by pointing them in this direction.
This articles discusses some of the central questions regarding St. Paul's views of justification, particularly the phrase "works of the law".  Each chapter is examined.