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Question:  Why does it seem that Christianity's success seems to be dependent upon making Jews and Judaism a failure?  The more I read the more I see an inferiority complex.
Question:  Can you tell me what the Catholic Church teaches about the laity laying hands on someone and praying for them to be released from an evil spirit?  I need documentation on this.
Question:  The following question arose during a discussion at a faith study group of which I am a participant.  I am hopeful you will be able to shed some light on the matter.  The question:
What exactly is the Church's teaching on the existence of ghosts?  Firstly, do they exist?  If so, what exactly are they?  Disembodied souls that…???  My understanding is that they do not exist.  A disembodied soul is either in Heaven, on it's way there (Purgatory) or that other place.  I'm reminded of St. Paul's statement in 2 Corinthians 5 when he says that being away from the body is being at home with the Lord.  Therefore, my gut feel is that it doesn't jive with Catholic theology to say that ghosts exist.  I could very well be dead wrong is saying that but that is the very reason I'm sending you the question, to set me straight in my understanding of the topic.
Question:  The Buddha, purifying himself of all selfish desire, is surely purifying his heart, and it is hard to believe that good Christians will not meet the Buddha in heaven.