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In this dialogue, a recent Catholic convert from Evangelicalism asks Mark for some help in his dialogue with Paul, a Jewish critic of Christianity.  Proof texting is not an option with our elder Abrahamic brethren, but a more nuanced and cultured response is.
Ding Dong.  Yep, here they come, briefcase in hand and the Watchtower tucked under their arm.  They are ready and willing to share the wonderful truth of their sect's beliefs.  Next time you chasitise them for their draconian policy which forbids blood transfusions, make sure that you can use their Bible to show them just how un-Biblical their teaching is.
Did the early Church believe in the Trinity?  What is the basis for believing in it from a biblical, historical, and theological perspective?  Who has the authority to decide the question?  These and other questions are discussed in this comprehensive dialogue on the Trinity between Trinitarian John and a Subordinationist with Jehovah Witness leanings.
The original show must have caused quite a stir with this fellow.  He was pretty upset at John's ability to damage the credibility of the New World Translation of the Bible on the first go 'round.
One of John's early encounters with the Arian lie.  Read John Pacheco and Prof. Jason Beduhn's interesting dialogue on the veracity of the New World Translation and other related issues.  John thought he did not fare very well in this dialogue, but subsequent reaction to his efforts proved to be much more kind.
An amusing (and rather long) dialogue between John and a Jehovah's Witness follower.  Lots of issues covered, but most of the piece is on authority.  One of John's first tries at Apologetics.  Kick back with a cool drink and enjoy.