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Bonocore calls the bluff of someone who just likes to blow a lot of hot air.  Is this the best that pagans have to offer?  How disappointing.
Mark Bonocore explains the necessity of Mary's Immaculate Conception in this short but enlightening dialogue.
Mark Bonocore answers the silly and pedestrian charges about the Catholic Church assigning the title of "Spouse of the Holy Spirit" to the Blessed Mother.  Read how the title is correctly applied and the mess our opponents get into when they deny it!
Frank Jerry provides some quick yet effective answers as to why Catholics pray to Mary.
John Pacheco went "undercover" to expose and refute the Anti-Marian agenda of some former Roman Catholics.  Using the board handle of "Mathias1", John secretly slipped into NTRMin's public discussion board just before "Dr. Eric" and crew required positive ID for board members.  After a few rather light discussions with board participants, "Dr. Eric" weighed in against "Mathias1" by beguiling his followers with a rather long and seemingly impressive response against Her Majesty.  Find out why John has been knighted with the title "License to Refute"!
The Power of Her Voice: A dialogue between John Pacheco and various Protestants on Catholicism's elevation of Mary.  Read how Protestantism's view of Mary cannot handle what Scripture reveals about the Blessed Mother.
Read John Pacheco's challenge to Protestants who reject the title "Mary, Mother of God".
Typical Protestant objections to the veneration paid to Our Lady are answered.  Shows how biblically strong the Catholic view is.