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John Pacheco adds another article to the growing body of modern research that shows that what most people "know" about the Inquisition is more Black Legend than historical fact.
The issue of the Holocaust and the Church raises many questions.  Did Pius XII remain silent, and if so, why?  What was the reaction of the Catholic Hierarchy to the Holocaust in the countries of Europe.  How did lay Catholics react?  How was it possible for Christian Europe to acquiesce in the genocide of a people?  To what extent did the treatment of the Jews by the medieval Church lay the groundwork for the Holocaust?  Find out in this article by history specialist Anthony Schratz!
With the recent upswing in secularism, their spiritual cohorts are not far behind.  Paganism, wicca, and the occult are making a rebound in many parts of the Western world.  The Vatican is even taking steps to revitalize their exorcism ministry in order to combat the forces of darkness.  These shorthand notes from Anthony Schratz on the Church's dealings with witchcraft are therefore very timely.
A couple of years ago, staff history specialist, Anthony Schratz, gave an excellent talk on the Crusades.  The audio tape of this talk can be purchased from our products section.  We dug up his short hand notes for anyone who wants a shorthand review of this tumultuous time in Church history.  Click below to read a balanced view of what really went on and why!
Our history specialist, Suzanne Fortin, has put together a timeline of the major events in the Church's history.  It is sure to be an excellent quick reference guide for our visitors and patrons.
Suzanne Fortin offers us a glimpse at Hitler's hatred for the Catholic Church.  This little article blows the tired myth that the Church was Hitler's greatest ally.