anon Law is a rather unfamiliar field among Catholics and non-Catholics alike.  The Church is a civilization and because civilizations have laws, the Church has its own set of laws to govern it citizens.
The Vatican's web site has an extended index of Canon Law topics.
's Canon Law Library is dedicated to discussing issues related to canon law for the edification of our visitors.  Canon Law specialists, Pete Vere, JCL, and Jason Morin (JCL candidate) offer their views on various canonical issues below.
Pete Vere's book with fellow canonist, Michael Trueman, Surprised by Canon Law, is the watershed book of canon law for lay people.  Answering 150 questions Catholics ask about canon law, Pete and Mike explores the mysterious and enigmatic world of canon law, bringing it down to a level that we can all understand.  From time to time, all Catholics have them: nagging questions about church life, often prompted by some personal encounter or challenging situation:
Is a layperson allowed to preach a homily?
Is a pastor required to report to someone regarding parish finances, or is he on his own?
It seems like the parish council is running your parish…Does it have the authority to do so?
Must a child be baptized in a church, or may the baptism take place at home?
Surprised by Canon Law tackles these and many other questions,all of which have been formally addressed by the Roman Catholic Church's Code of Canon Law.