harlie Hatchko, otherwise once known as "Bible Buck" by his trucker buddies, delivers very orthodox opinions in a very unorthodox way.  Charlie speaks the language of Catholicism but with a Fundamentalist accent.  Charlie's pieces cover a whole range of issues from doctrinal to social issues and focus on the Protestant Fundamentalist errors rampant today.  His articles are peppered with Scripture, and are sure to be a hit with our Protestant friends.
Charlie Hatchko discusses the importance of almsgiving.
Bible Buck is back, this time talking about the movements of the Holy Spirit.
Charlie Hatchko surveys Pope Benedict's accomplishments and the sham label he has been given by the leftist media.
Bible Buck reminds us of the dangers of evil speech and the Bible's condemnation of it.
Bible Buck preaches on the qualities of discipleship.
Bible Buck gives us a shot of truth and where it resides and where it does not reside.  Originally appeared in the Lackawanna County News.
Bible Buck gives us this timely sermon on the importance of marriage and its importance and indissolubility.
Charlie Hatchko shares with us the necessity of Catholics remaining firm in the spiritual life, showing the biblical basis for our faith in Christ's promises.
In this article by Charlie Hatchko, he explains the biblical justification of why Ecumenism is right and Integrism is wrong.
Bible Buck reminds us of the necessity of justice and balance in dealing with our fellow man.
Bible Buck refutes some weird Protestant notions about grape juice and wine.  All things created by God are good.  Only their abuse is sinful.
In this Labor Day piece, Charlie Hatchko reminds Catholics that they are not permitted to support unbridled capitalism blindly.  Human labor has intrinsic dignity and that dignity must be respected by man in his enterprise.
Bible Buck gives us a sobering reminder to repent in order to avoid judgment and condemnation.
Bible Buck surveys the biblical evidence for the Blessed Mother being called "Ark of the Covenant".
Friar Buck gives us an overview of the Scriptural and Ecclesiastical condemnation of abortion.
Charlie surveys the various uses of parables in the Bible, and shows us the great blessings their messages contain.
Bible Buck gives us a litany of Scriptural passages affirming the pre-eminence and divinity of Jesus Christ.
Bible Buck warns us of the power and lure of the Occult.
Charlie Hatchko surveys the Book of Ecclesiastes and reminds us that this life is full of vanity and we must ensure that our focus is on the Lord.
"Mr. Baalog" tries to distort the Word of God, claiming that Catholic priests MUST marry.  Read how Chuck takes this gentleman to school on the very biblical view of the celibate priesthood.
The wages of sin are death and disease.  Sickness is not "coincidental".  Bible Buck details the biblical reasons for sickness and disease, and the ways to combat them.
Hey you…Droopie.  Lift up your head and countenance.  Bible Buck explains why you are to rejoice in the Lord.
Bible Buck rebuts Sedevacantist and Integrist attacks on the Holy Mass.
Bible Buck demonstrates how the Catholic canon is indeed the historical and correct one.  He even shows us how the "numbers" just don't add up for the Protestant canon.
Chuck lays out the biblical refutation against this silly fundamentalist charge.
Bible Buck reminds us all that hell really does exist.  Don't listen to the agnostics and moral leftists.  They're not believers now but they'll all be believers in time.
Bible Buck shows us what the cross of Jesus means to Catholics and why the use of the crucifix is a powerful witness to an unbelieving world.
Bible Buck is back preachin' 'bout the Resurrection of the Body.  Let us frequently recall one of the central glories of our faith - being raised to new life with an incorruptible body in Christ Jesus.  Amen!  Hallelujah!  Gotta get me some of that!
Bible Buck comes back with a biblical primer on pride from a Catholic perspective.  As the source of all sin, pride eats away at goodness of the God-given virtue and talents we have been given in this life.  Many who fall away from the Catholic faith use some silly theological excuse, but the real reason rests with the old cry of Lucifer.
In his first contribution to our Apostolate, Charlie gives us a little Bible primer on mortal sins.  It's a good reminder to the "I'm OK, you're OK" brainlessness of today's society.