Socialists in Spain stamp out free speech

Just when you thought the world couldn’t get any crazier, we break a new record on the dumb-ometer. It’s worse than dumb. It’s outright evil.

In Spain, a TV network called Intereconomia has just been fined by the socialist government for ads that allegedly “attack the dignity” of homosexuals.  Sounds pretty serious, eh?  So what horrible things did the TV network show in its ads?  After all, as Christians, we may disagree with the homosexual lifestyle, but we still want to show them respect.  So what heinous ads did the TV network show?

The ads are essentially clips of homosexuals parading themselves half-naked and making obscene gestures during their annual “gay pride” parade.

The scenes, which are typical of such “pride” events, are so lewd that Google requires viewers to state that they are at least 18 years of age before showing the YouTube version.

In one of the ads, the images are interposed with a series of questions, including “is this the society that you want?” and whether or not the viewer would like to “support this with public money?” It ends with the question: “Proud? Of what?”

Another shows a series of photographs of homosexual activists followed by photos depicting families and children, and concludes, “One day of gay pride, 364 days of pride for normal, everyday people.”  (Source)

The irony of this situation blows the mind.  Showing actual footage of homosexuals misbehaving in public and questioning this deviant behaviour is somehow an “attack” against homosexuals?  In other words, the behaviour of these people is so self-deprecating, self-incriminating and damaging to their own image that it would harm the gay movement if everyday people were allowed to see the clips.  Isn’t that insane?  It’s as absurd as if Jack Layton were to say: “Don’t associate my name with the NDP because it will cost me votes.”  How irrational can we be?  How low can we go?

This is outright oppression on the part of a socialist government.  This is the same government that recently loosened abortion laws and implemented homosexual “marriage”.  They have an axe to grind because Intereconomia has been very critical of the government in the past.  Intereconomia has also done some good pro-life work, most notably by having an undercover reporter infiltrate an abortion clinic with a video camera and expose illegal practices.  You can watch that eye-opening video here (WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE OF REAL ABORTIONS.  VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED).

This fine is purely ideological and suppresses freedom of speech in Spain.  Please pray for our persecuted brethren.

One thought on “Socialists in Spain stamp out free speech

  1. This is sad. We need faithful leadership from our bishops in Canada to help stop this from happening here. Laws are changed by judges and politicians, but let’s face it, judges and politicians are people too and have received their teachings from the family that they grew up in. We need at the very least to give families the unambiguous clear truth about the Church’s teachings. This is why the Winnipeg Statement is the most deadly document in Canada, and it is critical that it be publicly rescinded by the Canadian bishops. Time is not on our side.

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