85% Against Kasper’s Attempt to Gut Marriage

Cardinal Ruini was also very critical.  He [also]added: “I don’t know if I understood well, but at this moment, about 85% of the Cardinals have expressed opinions apparently contrary to the layout  of the report.”  He added that among those who did not say anything  –  therefore could not be classified – he took from their silence that: “I believe they are embarrassed”.

Let Cardinal Kasper have clenched teeth all he wants.  He’ll have to answer to the Lord for even suggesting “Adultery-by-any-other-name” as an option.  The fact that this man was even given a platform – even for a second – to discuss his pet issue from the 1970s is very disturbing.

Still…we have to give thanks that 85% are against his heretical opinion while the other 14% are too embarrassed to say anything.

Here’s the gong which Socon or Bust has been bonging for some time now:

Cardinal Ruini:  “It would be a fatal mistake” to  follow the pastoral approach without referring to doctrine.

Like no kidding.  Almost every liberal impetus these days in the Church is ass-backwards.  The pastoral approach is supposed to be BUILT on DOCTRINE, the teaching of Christ.  You cannot have an opposite pastoral approach from doctrine…otherwise you simply look like a fool and a hypocrite.


One thought on “85% Against Kasper’s Attempt to Gut Marriage

  1. JMJ

    We must pray, and hard, that these good cardinals destroy and end Kasper´s efforts to hurt the Church.

    Holy Ghost, grant these good men strength, endurance, health to work against Kasper.

    Holy Mother, intercede for our Holy Church to regain complete orthodoxy and remain pure.

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