8 major studies of identital twins prove homosexuality Is NOT genetic

Science has spoken; the matter is closed ☺.  Isn’t that today’s Magisterium?

Can we finally put this myth to bed?

Let’s help those who struggle with that sexual inclination.

4 thoughts on “8 major studies of identital twins prove homosexuality Is NOT genetic

  1. It is difficult to help people in our former Christian Democracies in Government,Law, Education etc.,even if they want help in this now so-called “neutral” Secular Democratic society which has legalized morbid sodomy,pornography,abortion on demand,no-fault divorce,homosexual marriage,and promiscuous Kinsey Sex Education etc.,starting with Kindergarteners politically as human rights.

    This civil political war for the minds and souls of our children and grandchildren must first be politically won, even amongst those who call themselves The Church. Otherwise secular so-called politically “neutral”Bishops,Priests etc.,are only putting band-aids on profusely bleeding people which are legally allowed to bleed, and spread infection,even normalizing this behavior to Kindergarteners using adult so-called “neutral”secular school teachers and so-called “neutral”secular homosexual etc., activists.Coward Priests,Pastors,Bishops etc.,want to pretend to do something while saying they are politically “neutral” in our Western Civilizations Democracies,where my contemporaries started school with The Lord’s Prayer led by their school teachers until the mid-1960’s,and Sex Education was dating,courtship and waiting for sex in faithful marriage.It seems that the majority of the so-called clergy are now so-called”neutral” Secular Pagans by their silly excuses for doing nothing politically as Canadian and Western Schoolchildren are indoctrinated into the tenets of so-called “neutral”Secular Paganism, by adult school teachers and homosexual etc., activists,so they can say they are helping those who struggle with the consequences of legalized Kinsey Sex Education taught to Western Civilizations schoolchildren as legalized human rights.

  2. It is clear that homosexuality is not genetic. It would confound the “survivalist” aspect of the theory of evolution if it were, at least the way I understand how the theory works. (“The science is settled” as we continually hear the activists say regarding another topic.)

    However the article linked to does not explain what happens AFTER conception, so I’m not going to buy the “identical twins” argument entirely, even though I would agree with the end game — not at least until I know and understand more about the subject.

    For example, I thought that no two individuals have EXACTLY the same DNA — not even identical twins, so I did raise an eyebrow when I read in the article that ID twins DO have the same DNA, or did I misinterpret something, or am I wrong with my premise?

    The problem here is that people are conflating the “choice” of a same-sex inclination with the choice of lifestyle. Regardless of the cause, either genetic or not, you can’t choose your inclination, but you can choose how to deal with that inclination.

    In a weird way, both sides may be correct on this one aspect… It is a choice, but it isn’t a choice. (???)

    • Hi NilesMaxim,

      Thanks for the comment.

      Identical twins do have identical DNA. They are natural clones. It’s quite mysterious because science isn’t capable or duplicating this feat.

      As you point out, that doesn’t mean that they choose the inclination to which the flesh draws them. The flesh is a wild beast and pulls in all kinds of directions, not all of which are good. Life is full of instances where we must resist urges. Even some good urges (e.g. hunger) must sometimes be resisted for a greater good (e.g. losing weight). Society has a lot of trouble with any notion of denying the flesh.

  3. An alcoholic has a predisposition to put the bottle to his mouth and get drunk,but for his own good , his family and of course society he can be taught through the schools to choose not to harm himself or society by demanding the normalization of his harmful disposition to all schoolchildren ,as legalized so-called neutral secular human rights. Children are malleable and trusting; their brains are not unlike blank canvasses awaiting the brushstrokes of their environment. They absorb any image that adult schoolteachers and homosexual etc.,activists place in front of them as legalized so-called human rights. Before the new Western Democratic State Sanctioned Religion of “neutral” Secular Paganism declared Christian values and The Lord’s Prayer unconstitutional in Government,Law,Education starting in the mid 1960’s school teachers instilled Christian Values in students,instead of the tenets of Secular paganism as human rights. Homosexuals are less than 2% of the population who cannot naturally have children of their own,and therefore must recruit with the help of so-called “neutral” Secular Politically Correct ideology.

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