7 Questions for Bishop Wingle

Your Grace,

I want to commend you for your remarks that I read yesterday on LifeSiteNews.  I encourage you to keep exhorting the Faithful to more pro-life witness.

Please allow me, however, to ask some pointed but necessary questions….

  1. Why are you and the rest of the bishops of this country still sending millions of dollars every year to pro-abort groups in the Global South through Development & Peace?
  2. Where have the bishops been these past 40 years in the fight against abortion?  Do you not think it is time to desist in asking the laity to lead, and to, instead, assume your rightful place as fathers, shepherds, and leaders?  Why does it always seem that the pro-life movement is continually dragging the bishops to the places they should already be?
  3. Why has the Winnipeg Statement, the seed of abortion in this country, never been retracted?  Why have the bishops not acknowledged their own role in the Canadian abortion holocaust?
  4. Where have all the bishops been the past 12 years when the March for Life was going on?  Before the March for Life in Ottawa last year, more Canadian bishops marched in the radical-feminist  “March for Women” than have marched in the March for Life (at one time).
  5. Why don’t the bishops spend any real money on pro-life work?  Why do they give most of it to fraudulent and mostly marxist “social justice” projects?
  6. When are the bishops of this country going to obey the Holy Father and stop engaging in sacrilege by giving Communion to pro-abort politicians, or honouring them with public funerals?
  7. When are the bishops finally going to stop talking and start doing?  Talk is cheap. Even good talk is just that. Talk.  Where are the bishops going to be next year on May 13,2010?  If they don’t know what the significance of this date is to the pro-life movement in 2010, then, you’ve just learned what the problem is.

For the love of all that is holy, your Grace, you would do as well to preach the Gospel of Life to your own brother bishops as you would to us.

Bluntly but respectfully submitted,

John Pacheco

Socon or Bust

2 thoughts on “7 Questions for Bishop Wingle

  1. John you have to make an appointment with his grace , and then perhaps his grace may give you his perspective on this issue. Then you can tell us . If he can answer for himself for his reasons like the pagan journalists have on this blog, then we will have his answers on file. That way we will know him from what he says to us, and he won’t be able to hide from his actions. Some of our so-called leaders and brothers and sisters seem to be in a dreamlike trance concerning the murder of unborn babies.

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