56th Development and Peace partner caught promoting birth control, linked to abortion-pushers

Today, Socon or Bust brings our readers the 56th anti-life partner of Development and Peace.   Readers can avail themselves of the entire list here

This revelation comes on the heels of LifeSite News’ report on Partner #55 just last week, and before that there was Partner #54.   But who’s counting?  Actually, we are counting.  And it’s a good thing too because these kind of things can get lost in the hazy, crazy religion of “social justice”.  We want to make sure that our readers have the facts and the numbers, since you’re not going to get them from the lapdog press or the CCCB which still thinks we are dealing with a “few” organizations.

And just so everyone is acutely aware, Partners 54, 55, and 56 come AFTER the CCCB’s pledge to clean up Development & Peace.   If you were convinced that the Bishops were actually serious about cleaning out the stalls at Development & Peace, we have a question for you:  “so…uh…how’s that workin’ for ya?

Let’s get down to business….

Partner 56 is an organization called Asociación de Desarrollo de El Salvador (Association for the Development of El Salvador) or CRIPDES for short.  You can read about them on D&P’s website (click on the Partner’s tab).


CRIPDES has been busy promoting contraception in El Salvador.  One example is provided below of a CRIPDES workshop in which they were raising awareness and encouraging the use of birth control among women (courtesy of Share El Salvador, one of their funding partners):

Towards the end of the workshop, a representative from Las Melidas made a presentation on family planning and birth control, talking about the different kinds of birth control that exist and emphasizing that the rhythm method is not reliable. Older women expressed the desire to have wanted to know this information years earlier, to have avoided so many pregnancies. The young women present were very interested in the issue and paid close attention, and they were congratulated for wanting to put these methods into practice. (Source, backup link here)

Then, we have a short testimony from some individuals participating in an “academic and organizational formation” session hosted by CRIPDES. It seems like CRIPDES invited a group called Pro-Vida to give a talk on sex-ed:

We participated in a talk about sexual and reproductive education, given by a Pro-Vida health promoter and a public health promoter from Tecoluca to raise awareness in youth about how to take care of themselves and prevent unwanted pregnancies and STDs. (Source, backup link here)

Pro-Vida’s website boasts of how they provide condoms and other birth control (page 3 here, backup link here) and that they’ve been designated as the organization that will implement the anti-life agenda of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in El Salvador (backup link here).  Readers can therefore make their own conclusions as to what type of “sexual and reproductive education” they were giving at the CRIPDES training session. 


While not yet engaged in promoting abortion in El Salvador, one of their Norwegian funding partners has pegged CRIPDES as an ally in the struggle:
On promoting women’s rights:
El Salvador is among the Latin America countries with least favourable legislation for women’s sexual and reproductive health: all types of abortion, including therapeutic, are illegal. Abortion is on the women’s movement’s agenda, but has not been raised during these three years. NPA partners, particularly MAM and CRIPDES/CCR, have made gains in promoting the rights of women, approving gender policies and budgets “tagged” for women at the municipal level. These two organisations are also developing programmes against violence towards women. (Source, backup link here)
Of all the anti-life 56 groups that Development & Peace has funded, CRIPIDES is one of the “tamest” violators of Catholic teaching since they are “only” on the periphery of full-out promotion and engagement — unlike D&P’s other partners.  However, El Salvador is an abortion-free country and there are not likely to be many groups openly advocating for abortion there…yet.  CRIPIDES, however, looks to be near the top of the list when the abortion-pushers go full throttle. They are already beginning with contraception.
The bishops of Canada are not leaving us with hope. They are leaving us with contempt and cynicism.  It’s been close to 4 years since this scandal broke and the social justice train wreck shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.
Instead of blaming the messengers, you know us “prophets of doom”, they should honestly ask themselves if they are really interested in defending the unborn…or if it’s just a marketing scam to keep the bucks flowing in.

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