50 year-olds with pacifiers

One of the things I find annoying about the anti-racism movement in this country is the manner in which it fetishizes — almost lovingly — the few vestigial instances of outright hateful expression that still can be found. Why — if not to prove their own relevance — are certain liberal bloggers so proud to post and promote whatever trickle of misspelled messages they get from Zundelian kooks? Likewise, it is a common practice at Jewish fundraising dinners to present elaborate, multi-media slide shows documenting the isolated vandalism of some local cemetery or synagogue, amidst misleading rhetoric suggesting that Jew-hatred remains widespread…. This obsession with victimhood is outdated. We live in the most tolerant nation on earth. And open racism and anti-Semitism were eliminated from mainstream society a generation ago. It is tiresome to receive earnest lectures from Knights of Tolerance who — for whatever political or psychological reason — keep raising the hue and cry against hateful hordes that long ago hung up their spurs. (Source)

The thing about the Leftists is that they are in a perpetual state of infanthood.  When they cannot convince someone through open and honest dialogue about an issue, they resort to quasi-judicial bodies to apply punitive correction to their victims.  It’s a pathological paranoia about them. They are so insecure about their own position that they will brook no dissent or opposition to their views.  As the star chamber fiascos have quite clearly shown us, they are willing to trample on something so inalienable as free speech – the very life blood of a democratic state – to quash any opposition to their world view.  For the Leftists, the ends always justifies the means.  For all their blather of “tolerance”, they show a great dearth of it concerning their allowance of this purported supreme virtue.  Apparently, tolerance is not so absolute after all.  It’s really quite relative. In fact, it’s as relevant as Stalin or Hitler’s view of it.

At the root of their severe psychological problems lies a desperate need to create meaning in their lives.  They don’t get it from God, even if they grudgingly admit His existence.  So they need to create a reason for their own existence – hence the brownshirt march against people who they see as “evil”.

This perpetual state of infanthood is further exemplified in their rush to sue their opponents or at least threaten to do so in order to, once again, shut down opposition and debate.  Having failed to convince the audience of their point of view (or perhaps their self-acclaimed superior intellect), they see it as an insult to their own personal integrity.  They have identified so much with their cause, they refuse or simply cannot separate their view on any particular subject with their own identity as human persons.

This is a shame since some of the most effect conservatives were once Leftists.  The difference, of course, between the aforementioned converts and the previous constituency is that the converts eventually grew up

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