50 D&P Partners Busted…Come Celebrate With Us!

The Development & Peace Abortion Gravy Train just keeps rolling.  

Before this out-ting, Socon or Bust had previously reported on 49 groups who were promoting (some aggressively so) abortion, contraception, the homosexual agenda, or general anti-Catholicism.  (We even discovered tacit support of infanticide among D&P’s partners and cultural relativists.)

Now we can round up the number to a cool 50. 

If you visit D&P’s website, you will discover that they’ve scrubbed most of their more notorious partners from the public’s view, but that doesn’t mean they are not still funding them.  In fact, we have no idea of who they are continuing to fund, and we have no idea of any new groups that they are funding…because they refuse to tell us.  And we all know why, too.  The problem, however, is that when you are so thoroughly corrupt as Development & Peace is, you can’t hide everything…even when you are trying your best.

The 50th pro-abort group that Development & Peace has been caught financing comes to us from Burundi, Africa.  The group’s name is ITEKA.  You can read about them over here on Development & Peace’s website (second partner listed on the page).

The source for the evidence comes from a group called Africa for Women’s Rights.  I’ll spare my readers the details of what they stand for since their name really does say it all.  (But if you’re still drinking the KoolAid or don’t understand feminazi lingo, please go ahead and sober up over at their website.)

One particular document is of particular interest to Socon or Bust. It’s entitled African for Women’s Rights – Ratify Respect! – Dossier of Claims.  This is what the document says about itself:

The Dossier of Claims is the outcome of investigations conducted by national human rights and womenʼs rights organizations in their respective countries and reflects the situation of womenʼs rights in over thirty African countries. It contains key demands to eliminate discrimination and violence against women. These “claims” are directed towards national governments, since strengthening respect of womenʼs rights is primarily a question of political will. The Dossier is composed of a series of notes, detailing the main violations of womenʼs rights in each country. Each note underlines – where they exist – any positive measures that have been taken over recent years, and identifies the main obstacles to respect of womenʼs rights in law and practice. In addition to its informative and awareness-raising functions, this Dossier constitutes an important advocacy tool at the disposal of all those involved in campaigning for womenʼs rights. The claims formulated in the Dossier will be brought to the attention of the competent authorities at the national, regional and international levels. The Dossier is also a tool for all those whose aim is to achieve full equality between men and women, an essential condition for the fulfillment of universal human rights. (p.4)

The document also tells us in their “Acknowledgements” section about the involvement of these “human rights” organizations in their coalition and what these organizations are expected to do:

The Coalition of the Campaign would like to thank all the national human rights and women’s rights organisations that have contributed to the drafting of the Dossier. These organisations will conduct, on the basis of this Dossier, advocacy before their national authorities in order to ensure the respect of women’s rights. Their mobilisation is testimony to the relevance and strength of the campaign.

If you cursor down to page 20-21 of this document, the Coalition tells us what they’re trying to accomplish.  Most of it is feminist drivel, cloaked in the language of genuine human rights.  The fourth objective on the left side is the clincher:

Improve access of women to family planning and to use contraceptive methods and legalizing abortion.”

On the very next page, the Coalition tells us who their “focal point” (i.e. their “go to” group) is in Burundi: Ligue ITEKA, the Canadian Bishops’ “Development & Aid” partner in Burundi.  The Coalition tells us that:

All the organisations involved in the campaign, and the campaign’s patrons, call on the Heads of state of the 24 states that have not yet done so, to seize the occasion of the 100th International Women’s Day to take steps towards the ratification of the Protocol and affirm their commitments to respecting the rights of women in their countries. We call on them in particular to implement the recommendations expressed in the Campaign’s Dossier of Claims. (Source)

And so, folks, on and on and on it goes.  In six months, three Plenary Assemblies of the Canadian Bishops will have taken place after this scandal broke.  We’ve seen nothing substantial from the country’s bishops.  At this rate, the damage that Development & Peace’s pro-abort partners is inflicting will make any moves against them a moot point.  All of the pro-life laws in the Global South will be overturned by the time the bishops finally deal with this. 

More important things on the Agenda.  We understand.  If it doesn’t get sorted in one Plenary Assembly, they’ll catch up next year in Cornwall..and the year after that…and the year after that.  Same time, same place.  What’s the hurry? Easy does it. They don’t want to do anything rash now.  They’ll just issue a press release, telling everyone how they’re so pro-life and how they will be soon exercising “leadership”.

If one looks around the world today at the Catholic Church’s “social justice” mafia, one has to seriously wonder whether the secular abortion juggernaut could survive without the Catholic Church’s tacit moral and financial support.  You have to ask yourself if any bishop in this country actually believes in the pro-life ethic enough.  The question is not:  “Are you pro-life?”   Remember, Raymond Gravel is “pro-life”, too.  That’s not the question.  The question is:  how much are you willing to sacrifice to prove you are pro-life?  That’s the question.  And that question cuts right to the heart of where the Canadian Church is right now.

“Get behind me, Satan!” was what Jesus said to Peter who tried to have his cake and eat it too.  Peter was all for technically correct teaching, yes, but without the Cross.  That’s the Catholic Church today in Canada.  Technically correct on paper, but a coward when it comes to putting that belief against the powers and principalities of this dark age.  

She has become a harlot and  a pimp for pro-abort radicals on the ground.

We use to do social justice ourselves, as Catholics. Now we contract out pro-abort thugs and abandon social justice to the Marxists, eco loonies, and “human right” commissars to take our money and use it to enable or even perhaps directly promote the spilling of innocent blood.  All for “the poor”, you understand.  After all, we can’t help the Poor or the Oppressed without sacrificing unborn babies.  That would be…well…what?  Impossible?


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