This Lent, don’t let your money go to the abortion-pushers

As Socon or Bust readers are now well aware, the Development & Peace abortion juggernaut is continuing unchecked, as its pro-abortion partners in the Global South ramp up their war against the unborn and the family.  Sadly, while the bishops of this country preach and exhort us to stand up for life, their scandalous actions and witness tell another story.  The last official communication from the bishops has been to promise to get back to us in October at the bishops’ next plenary assembly in Cornwall.   Between now and then, of course, there will be another Lenten collection to help fund abortion advocacy in the Global South.  In your parish donation box, you’ll notice an envelope ear-marked for your Development & Peace donation.  My parish’s D&P envelope is yellow and  looks like this:

This year our parish collection date is March 21, but each parish chooses its own Lenten collection date for Development & Peace

In order to signal our solidarity with the unborn and rejection of the scandalous witness of Development & Peace, consider printing this page, cutting out the picture here below and inserting it into the Development & Peace envelope at collection time.

In lieu of your Lenten offering going to Development & Peace, consider sending it to one of the following development and aid charities instead:

Moral Alternatives to Development & Peace
CNEWA Canada
Aid to the Church in Need 
Mater Care International
Canadian Food for Children



26 thoughts on “This Lent, don’t let your money go to the abortion-pushers

  1. I think that Development and Peace does very good work. D&P has an excellent reputation with its partners. I think we should all consider the amount of life Development and Peace brings into the world by working with the poor of the Global South.

  2. Paul, if I offered you chocolate brownies, with “just a little bit of doggie do-do” in it, would you still have the same reaction? D&P, irregardless of how much good they do with the poor in the Global South, is still implicated in the abortion business.
    Why not support genuine Catholic charities? In the case of Canadian Food for Children, the overhead for the organization is next to NIL. Food for Children is supported by an army of volunteers and (literally) tons of donations. Can D&P make the same claim???? Why are the bishops so reluctant to admit they made some mistakes….?

  3. Hi Kathie

    I would welcome any assistance that can go to Haiti. I do think that it is important as Canadian Catholics to support our own development organization.

    Development and Peace has worked in Haiti for many years and has many good partnerships with Haitian grassroots organizations.

    I think at this terrible time, it is inappropriate to be making accusations about an agency that can really help in this crisis.

    I applaud all organizations that can assist Haitians at this time.

  4. If it’s a choice between helping a pro-life development and aid organization or one that finances pro-abortion groups, which do you think is more appropriate for Catholics to choose?

  5. I think Catholics should make up their minds based on what organization is best equipped to offer the most effective aid. Over the past decade, Development and Peace has become a leader in emergency aid. There is a great deal written about the good work done during the Tsunami, the Congo,
    various other countries in Africa, Honduras etc.

    I think this should be considered. Professionalism is very important in this field. From this perspective Development and Peace offers an important service.

  6. Paul, you sound like a bad commercial for D&P. Instead of reading the cue cards, try and engage the overwhelming evidence of their partners’ pro-abortion activities.

    Until you do, then as St. Paul says, you’re doing nothing more than clanging a gong.

  7. Golly, Paul, your name is a direct link to D&P. It make me wonder just who you are.

    I hope you take John’s advice and see for yourself the blatant evidence linking D&P to pro abortion and pro contraception groups instead of turning a blind eye. Lives depend on it.

    It doesn’t look like most bishops intend to stop this. So, if we don’t who will?

  8. Paul, obviously you are not clued into what Development & Peace is doing. I suggest that you educate yourself on the facts.

    By the way, you should really bone up on the definition of slander. You can’t slander if you are telling the truth.

  9. What are they doing in Haiti though?

    Has anyone investigated their partnerships there, and seen if there will be any conflicts of conscience?

  10. Hi Kelly

    I think it would be good to look at the link above. D&P does important work. They are working with CRS and CAFOD, both important Catholic development agencies.

    As Canadians, we can be very proud of the work D&P does. As Catholics we can be very proud of the work of Caritas, CIDSE, D&P, CRS, Cafod Trocaire.

    All of these agencies are doing God’s work in Haiti and many other countries in the Global South.

    Thanks for your comment.

  11. You’ll have a hard time selling that nonsense to the people reading this site, Paul. Most people here have read and seen the damning evidence against D&P. Evidence such as the formal letter from the Bishops Conference of Peru requesting that the bishops of Canada cease funding pro-abortion groups in Peru via D&P. Also, the photographs and numerous site links throughout the world promoting abortion and contraception all with the funding source of D&P.

    None are so blind as those who will not see.

    If you want to be confident that your charitable donations go to Catholic PROLIFE agencies donate to Chalice or one the charities recommended by Lifesite.

  12. Paul,

    You are welcome to post on this site. However, the song on your broken record is getting tiresome. No one is complaining about D&P’s good work (the comparatively little that it does, all things considered). We are complaining about its support for pro-abortion groups.

    The fact that you won’t engage on this issue speaks volumes. After all, when the side you are trying to defend is so obviously guilty, there’s not much to say.

    I understand and so does everyone else here. It’s sad and pathetic.

  13. Paul, I asked a simply question and was not looking for a sales pitch. I can think for myself, and can evalate the allegations being made against D&P and the degree to which they have been refuted. The allegations stand even after such refutations.

    Having said that, I hope you don’t group me in with John and his sympathizers. They might be right on their charges (in fact I think very strongly they are)…

  14. Hi Kelly

    I don’t group you with anyone – I don’t know you. I understand you can think for yourself and I apologize if I gave the wrong impression.

    I am simply stating my opinion based on the good knowledge I have.

    The abortion claims have been refuted and I think as Christians we should move on to the tragedy occurring in Haiti right now.

    John – there really is no issue to engage in and I will not be drawn into a destructive debate with you. Having said that, thank-you for allowing me to post to your site.

    Above all, free speech is important.


  15. Paul,

    You said that “the abortion claims have been refuted”? Really, where exactly have they been refuted? Oh wait, I know, “D&P does not fund abortions”. Is that what you are referring to?

    D&P cannot keep ignoring the evidence of their support for abortion groups, Paul. It will not survive in the long term. The Catholic Church is changing course. It will take some time, but the “sixties, social justice days” are over. And so is the current trajectory of D&P — by choice or by force. Revenues will slowly start to dwindle, year after year, as faithful Catholics refuse to co-operate with such a corrupt organization. Its corruption staggers me.

    Even child molesters admit their sin when they’ve been caught, but D&P prefers to deny the evidence in front of their face no matter how absurd and comical they look in doing so.

    That’s why dialogue with them or their supporters is completely fruitless as this conversation is typical of the response.

    Nothing short of shutting down the whole organization, lock, stock, and barrell is what is required.

  16. I would also like Paul to show me where the abortion evidence against D&P has been refuted.

    D&P does do good work. But they also do bad things on the side. When given the choice between such an organization or another one that only does good work, the choice is obvious.

  17. I’d appreciate an explanation by anyone who can explain to me why some people believe D&P and disbelieve the Bishops of Peru with all the evidence supporting the bishops.

    And since I’m on the topic, isn’t it a tad arrogant of D&P and CCCB to think they know better where our charitable donations should go instead of asking the bishops living and working in the recipient countries?

  18. If you talk to civil society organizations in the countries that D&P works in they will say that D&P does good work.

    The comments make in Peru were made by one bishop not the conference. But why let the truth get in the way of a good story.

  19. No one is disputing that D&P does do *some* good work. The objection is not to *some* of the good work that they do.

    The problem is the 42 anti-life organizations they sponsor. I’m sure they’re part of the “civil society organiziations” which says D&P does good work too.

    And I see you are seeking to demote the judgement of the most pro-life bishop of Peru. What about when D&P’s partners promote abortion on their websites? Or the pictures of eye witness accounts. Are those “truthful” enough for you?

    You’re not just dealing with one credible source here, Paul. You are dealing with multiple, credible sources. If you are trying to weaken the evidence, you’ll have to do a lot better than casting aspersions on a faithful bishop’s testimony.

    So, just so that I understand what are you saying Paul…

    Are you disputing the bishop’s statements about these groups? If so, please provide the evidence which contradicts his assessment. If you are going to challenge the bishop’s view, you’d better have some facts and evidence to back it up.

    Are you saying that this Bishop is lying or incompetent? Which is it? I’d like to know.

  20. I am not saying either. The bishop simply does not speak for his conference.

    Unfortunately you have no credible sources and I have to say no credibility. Your tirades really have no purpose and you really have no experience in these areas. You are not a professional in the development field and your opinions hold no sway outside of your little site.

    You are a bitter man and I wonder what made you become this way.

    I am sure your next response will be more of the same stuff I am used to reading from you.

    This is tiresome.

  21. Paul,

    #1 – Whether the bishop speaks for his conference is irrelevant. What is relevant is 1) that a Catholic bishop has warned another one, and 2) that you have no evidence to refute his witness. THAT IS THE POINT. We are not concerned about which bishop speaks for which conference. We are concerned with the TRUTH. Not speaking for a bishops’ conference hardly lessens one’s credibility! Good grief.

    #2 – No credible sources? OK, Paul. I guess D&P’s partners OWN websites are not a credible source? Is that what you are saying? That’s pretty absurd.

    #3 – If you’re so tired, get some rest and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. No one forced you to come to this site and start your non-defense.

    Folks, as is always the case, social leftists play the “sweetness and light” card but underneath, they are like vipers. It matches their regard for the most innocent human life. If they can’t admit the evidence assembled against D&P, it simply means they value the failed “social justice” legacy of Development & Peace over the lives of unborn children.

    No one is disputing legitimate assistance to the Third World. The only thing at issue here, therefore, is EGO and ABORTION. Once D&P drops both of those, we’ll have no problem.

    And that is the bottom line.

  22. Thanks for listing other organizations to give lenten funds to. MaterCare is my destination. I was not impressed from the onset when D& P kept denying that funds went to support abortion groups merely by stating THEY themselves do not support abortion. Apparently they are still using that “argument”. Don’t they vet out their projects? If they don’t then we have to be informed and take our own action. The pro-abortion lobbying collectors sure know where their funds go! If D&P wants us to appreciate all the good they can do then they and the Bishops of Canada have to be on the same page on this sad and serious straying into abortion territory. We are not yet convinced so monies will find other worthy baby- safe organizations, such as you listed.

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