40 Days for Life: The Making of a Pro-Life Renaissance

During the day, there are thousands of people who pass by our prayer site. When they see us, they see a living billboard to the truth: that abortion takes a human life, and that unborn children are worthy of protection. It’s not aggressive. It’s not in your face. But we are noticed because of our constant presence. Our determination and message cannot fail to stir the minds of some pedestrians.

The small, but real, victories prove this. There were two “turnarounds” in Toronto during this event (i.e., mothers changed their minds), and one in Fredericton. In Halifax, a woman working in the abortion ward at the Victoria General Hospital asked to be transferred. Then, there are probably other turnarounds and conversions that we don’t know about.

Our enthusiasm attracts new pro-lifers and gets them active. It stokes the old-timers who may have become discouraged and dropped out. It energizes the faithful for the next battle, and spurs them on to do something after the 40 Days is over. It creates connections and fosters a sense of solidarity.

If this were done all over Canada, we could have the makings of a pro-life renaissance in this country and realistically envision the passage of fetal rights legislation. So far, Toronto, Ottawa, Kitchener, Halifax, Fredericton, Winnipeg and Montreal are taking part. Isn’t it time your city joined in?

If you would like to get involved with 40 Days in your local area, go to http://40daysforlife.com/location.cfm. (Source)

I know this sounds like an obvious question, but can someone tell me WHY IS THIS NOT BEING DONE IN EVERY CITY IN THIS COUNTRY?!?!?!

Where are the Bishops?  Is this not important enough for them to get involved? Or are they too busy giving cover to D&P to preserve the little public reputation they have left?

If they spent only a small fraction of the annual $10 Million they pump into “social justice” in the developing world on fighting abortion IN THIS COUNTRY, we would be much, much further ahead. 

But then again, that would mean priorities would have to be balanced.  Today in the Catholic Church in Canada, the environment, mining, land rights, “reproductive rights”, gender reorientation, and every other social marxist cause takes precedent over the most evident and pressing human rights abuse in the history of mankind: ABORTION.

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