40 Days for Life – More Significant Than In The Past

So this past year has been rather brutal for me and my family on almost every front imaginable.  If I was a paranoid religious nutter, I would say the Devil was out to get me.  Like no kidding.  Consequently, blogging took a back seat and so did many of my “priorities”…which was kind of good in a way because sometimes we all need that holy two-by-four right upside the head to check us back to reality.

Anyhow, the past several months have been extremely frustrating for me because I could not do my activist gig as I wanted.  I was like a helpless by-standard, paralyzed to do much of anything. That’s why the blog went quiet.  But sometimes that’s a good thing ’cause God wants to show us that “you ain’t all that”.   This Summer was particularly painful for me personally, as I met with some serious rejection which I had to deal with.

I finally got out to the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil on Wednesday for an hour and a bit.  I’ve been anxious to go because I felt I wanted to share my small suffering of rejection with that unborn child – although my small experience with rejection is nothing like that unborn child feels when he or she meets with the ultimate rejection. 

When you are praying at Ground Zero, remember to unite your suffering with that of the unborn.  We all go through suffering in life, and more times than not, the suffering we are feeling is, in some fashion, being experienced by that unborn child.   If you do, your time there will be exponentially more significant for you personally and for your sacrifice while there in prayerful witness.

It’s our sliver to that unborn child’s Cross.

Below, a father and his two children who took over from my shift.

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