40 Days for Life Fall 2009 Midpoint Rally

September 23rd to November 1st

Highlights of mid-point Rally Mass

The mid-point rally Mass celebrated by Archbishop Prendergast was a truly glorious celebration. Members from several choirs in the Diocese joined Saint Patrick’s Basilica Choir in some powerful hymns. Additionally, numerous Knights of Columbus in full regalia took part in the celebration. Four priests concelebrated and a deacon was also present in the sanctuary.

Archbishop Prendergast delivered a very thoughtful and profound homily during which he reminded us that we cannot be ashamed of this the Gospel of Life…we are called to manifest it in all we say and do,” and the pro-life movement is the greatest grass-root movement of our times.” Click HERE to listen to the Archbishop’s homily.


Traditional Anglican Catholic Bishop Carl Reed was also in attendance in the sanctuary. He spoke briefly at the close of Mass, eliciting loud and sustained applause when he voiced his church’s desire for full communion with Rome. This is great news for the Church. To listen to Bishop Reed’s encouraging remarks followed by a very appropriate Marian recessional (this was the anniversary date of Mary’s final apparition at Fatima) click HERE.

Just over two weeks left in the Campaign

This is a gentle reminder that the ongoing 40 Days prayer vigil for life ends November 1st. There are still plenty of empty slots left (click on Vigil Calendar). All that is required is for people to go to the site to pray. No witness other than our presence is expected. While you can show up without signing up, if you find you have some free time, it is good to register in advance, so others will know when they are most needed. If you can’t go, your prayers are welcome. For more info or to sign up, go to http://www.40daysforlife.com/ottawa/

You will note on the above Vigil Calendar that some parishes have adopted their own days, including some very small and elderly Parishes. It’s very effective to get a few of your Parishioners involved along with yourself. Six Parishioners from Our Lady of Divine Love in the rural municipality of Pendleton got together and reserved six hours on October 17th to do the vigil. Holy Korean Martyrs, another small Parish, signed up and filled 24 hours at the Vigil site. If the smallest Parishes in the Diocese can get their name on the Vigil Calendar, what’s preventing the larger ones from doing so as well? It takes a minimum of six consecutive hours. As the Archbishop mentioned in his Mid-point homily “we are either helping to build a culture of death, or co-operating with the culture of death.” By standing in front of the abortion mill, we are witnessing to the truth as to what is going on inside…read powerful testimonial by Frances Wilkinson.

 Stanley Siok

40 Days for Life 

Church Coordinator (English Sector)

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