40 Days for Life – Making Waves Down Under

…Right after I was introduced, two young women jumped up from a table in the back of the room. They began yelling “this is for the women,” and one of them threw a pink sparkly ballet shoe at me (fortunately, it missed).

That was the cue for another ten people to burst into the room, chanting abortion slogans. They ran around the room throwing glitter on banquet attendees while distributing brochures depicting Mary and baby Jesus along with “prayers” demanding that abortion be affordable and accessible, and that pro-lifers would “keep their vitriolic nonsense to themselves.”

Then they ran to the front of the room and locked arms around the podium, intent on shutting down the event. One young lady was yelling into what looked like a toy megaphone, which thankfully failed to work.

While I was a bit surprised by the sudden barrage, I was saddened more than anything else. As I looked at the anger and hatred in the eyes of these young people, I realized that some of them had probably experienced the pain of abortion in their own lives….(Source)

Indeed, most people who vigorously oppose us have had or participated in abortion themselves.  It’s a great wound that must be healed.

3 thoughts on “40 Days for Life – Making Waves Down Under

  1. Although I am a non-Canadian celibate with no dog in the fight, the Catholic church is its own worst enemy and an enabler of abortion.l Not only does a prohibition (honored in the breach, thank God) of contraception increase the numbers of abortions, but rather than sell abortion to non-violent groups such as antivivisectionists, anti-gun protestors, and vegans that could be natural allies. Instead, it becomes one of a continuum of crazy Catholic prohibitions such as masturbation or watching dirty movies. The 19th Century was a great one for religious craziness. We had Joseph Smith and Mormonism, Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science and Rutherford and Jehovah’s witness. Culminating of course, with the Infallibility of the Pope, a face-saving device when the Papal States were lost to Garibaldi. Ah, Italian back-door politics! They survive to this day. On a wider scale, why should we listen to any (Latin rite Catholic) priest? By definition, these are fellows (no women, for no reason at all) who don’t want to get married or have children. What would they know about these things? Isn’t it a sin for them to even think about them? And do you actually think that any married couple when they make love give one thought to the unity, the procreativity and whatever the other thing is. Who thought this up, somebody going for his doctoral thesis. No , married couples start by having some sex, and then they forget about it. Not worth the trouble. Nor worth us bothering about unless they scare the horses.

  2. Could you please back up your last ludicrous statement? Absurd, absolutely absurd…but then that’s what we expect from this little group…

  3. RRBILL I suggest bringing your concerns to an expert, who would have to be a good Catholic priest. There might be others who claim to be greater experts on Catholic teaching but that’s just because they are wrong and don’t realize it. It’s one thing to set yourself up as a judge of the Catholic Church’s teaching on faith and morals. It’s quite unreasonable to duct tape her mouth first and expect everyone else to agree that’s fair and wise. A certain kind of crusader demands that.

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