40 Days for Life Launches In Ottawa

Tuesday night saw the launch of the sixth 40 Days for Life Campaign here in Ottawa.    The first couple of campaigns were met with great enthusiasm, but as the task set in that we were in this for the long haul, some of that participation has unfortunately waned in the last few years.  The good news is that the numbers have stabilized and I believe we are going to start to grow again.  Last night about 200 people attended the launch. 

But the numbers, of course, are not what is important.  God can move mightily with very few numbers and indeed He sometimes insists on it to achieve the victory.  Remember Gideon?  And so it is with the Pro-Life movement. We don’t need large numbers. We need tenacity and faith.  At first the numbers will not be there, but when the time is right, we will see a flood of “converts” to the cause – those who were formally pro-abortion will turncoat and be the greatest defenders of human life.  In fact, that’s exactly what is happening today in the Pro-Life movement.  David Bereit and Abby Johnson are arguably the most prominent pro-life activists today and they did not come from our ranks originally.  Bereit was an agnostic who stumbled on abortion while Johnson was an Planned Parenthood Clinic manager. 

The Pro-Life Movement today is on the move.  I don’t think that I’ve ever seen so much activity, prayer, success and hope in any other time since I’ve been activist.  It’s very exciting to be on the climb to the top of the mountain.  We can begin to see the peak, and that’s all we need for encouragement and perseverance.

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