40 Days for Life – It’s here!

Greetings everyone,

Tomorrow is the big day. After many weeks and months of planning, the 40 Days for Life global campaign begins tomorrow evening.  The time for talking is over.  The time for prayer is here.  The Ottawa campaign starts tomorrow at 8PM sharp at Ground Zero (65 Bank Street).  For the next 960 hours, heaven is going to be besieged with prayer, petitions, and sacrifices as the Body of Christ turns its gaze to the killing centres across this country and around the world, providing the witness of hope this world so desperately needs.

The seventh corporal work of mercy is to bury the dead.  In today’s time this particular work has been somewhat obscured due, in part, to the contempt the human body is subjected to in our day and age.  It is no surprise that the dignity shown to the human body is closely associated to the dignity shown to the human person.  And as the latter has come under increasing attack over the past number of decades, so too has the respect and deference shown to our bodies.  Perhaps many of have not reflected on what it means to be “merciful” in burying the dead.  In our time, this mercy certainly becomes apparent when we reflect on how the unborn die during an abortion and where their little bodies go afterwards.  Who will bury them?  Where is the mercy shown to them – not only before they are killed but afterwards as well. The last touch they will ever experience is not their mother’s caress or their own children’s embrace if they had lived to a ripe old age, but the cold and rubbery touch of an abortionist’s hands as he callously deposits them in the body parts bag.

And so, when you are standing outside of Morgentaler’s Mill at Ground Zero, remember that you might be the only person grieving for that little soul. From afar, you may be the only one who travelled to stand outside of the place where they were “buried”…to show mercy where none was shown.  And although the abortion workers won’t give them a decent burial, and although there are no little white coffins, you’re not too far away to offer your prayers for their little bodies and their little souls to commend them to God for the Day of Ressurection when all things will be restored and made right again.

Mercy is to bury the dead.


There are still many spots to fill on the schedule. In particular, we are asking people to sign up for the next two days as soon as possible.  Wed. Feb.25 and Thurs. Feb. 26.

Please: http://www.40daysforlife.com/ottawa/index.cfm?load=page&page=181

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Regards in the Lord

John Pacheco

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