40 Days for Life – Ground Zero Violent Assault

At around 1:45 in the morning of October 22, 2009, a friend and I were keeping vigil outside of the Morgentaler Abortion Mill in downtown Ottawa.  So far we had seen a few groups of people heading back home from the bars along Sparks St. After turning the corner, one particular group of intoxicated young adults, comprised of 2 guys and 2 girls around the age of 20, noticed us from across the street.  Upon seeing us, one of the girls began yelling at us from the other side of the street and walked across. At first, she looked at the signs hanging up, saying “I can’t believe this.” and “Are you kidding me?”. We tried to talk with her but she quickly began throwing supplies on the ground and ripping the signs.  At this point we asked her to leave and return the materials.  One of the guys in the group had joined her by this point and he made similar comments and claimed that a good friend of his had undergone an abortion two weeks prior, to which I responded “I am sorry to hear that”.
During this time my friend and I were trying to pick things up and recollect the destroyed material. The girl, who had collected a number of signs already, came up to me and ripped off the sign I had around my neck. I attempted to take back the signs she had grabbed but she kept hold of them. Meanwhile, the guy was grabbing for the posters my friend had taken, so I placed myself between them telling him not to touch her.  He continued to yell at me as I asked him to leave and said that I would need to call the police if they didn’t.  I had pulled out my phone and was being connected to 911 when he punched me in my mouth knocking the phone out of my hand and dislocating one of my front teeth.  

After the punch, the other guy who had been standing with the other lady about 25 meters away came up to intervene, which I thought meant pulling his friend away. Instead the other guy joined in the verbal bashing as my friend called 911 on her cell phone. They realized they needed to get going, so as a parting gift, the same man who punched me the first time repeated the gesture with a blow above my right eye. The group departed carrying armfuls of posters, umbrellas, and other material which they dropped on the ground after rounding the corner of Queen and Bank.


A police car showed up soon after, quickly followed by an ambulance. I relayed my account of the events to the police officer and was then seen to by the paramedics in the ambulance.  After about 20 minutes the ambulance and police officer left the scene and we finished the remaining half hour of our vigil accompanied by the gentleman who would be continuing after us.

I have written this down and it has been confirmed by my friend so that you may know what happened that night. It is disappointing that what should be conducted as polite dialogue is at times reduced to the level of violence and profanity. Questions surrounding the right to life issue were clearly sensitive to this group considering the recent traumatic events in their friend’s life. Compounded with the effects of the alcohol, it is little surprise that they did things they may have otherwise avoided in a more stable emotional state.

More than anything the proper response to these confused individuals should not be out of anger or disgust but founded on forgiveness and a desire for the conversion of their hearts. Please keep them in your prayers along with their friend and her child who was recently aborted.  (Source)

I wonder if the Catholic Bishops of this country ever clue in to the fact that they are indirectly responsible for this kind of violence? Supporting pro-abort groups in the Global South creates a culture of death which eventually creates an environment of violence that is later inflicted on faithful Catholics. What is the response of the Catholic bishops of this country to financing pro-abort groups in their own nameCreate an ad hoc committee to study the issue.


6 thoughts on “40 Days for Life – Ground Zero Violent Assault

  1. “… should be conducted as polite dialogue is at times reduced to the level of violence and profanity.”

    You cannot truly expect to engage them in “polite dialogue” nor anticipate that they will do other than “quickly turn to violence and profanity”. Our opponents endorse, desire, counsel, and commit mass murder. They comfort themselves and each other by dwelling in a cloud of lies.

    Matthew 15:18
    But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart, …

    Don’t sugar-coat the nature of the enemy in this battle. You cannot draw clean water from a polluted well. They are slaves of sin, black-hearted and violent at their core. “Polite dialogue” is anathema to them.

    Mark 9:29
    He told them, “This kind can come out only by prayer and fasting.”

  2. See 40 days for life and BLOOD MONEY. Ted we all ought to know our Douay-Rheims Holy Bible, but the Canadian public elects politicians who pass evil Bills into Canadian law. Many of these same citizens claim to be Christians. Politics is very important. Who do you vote for? People prayed in public schools every morning in Canada once. Now unhealthy lifestyles are taught as healthy and normal. People who know their Bible ought to elect politicians who will pass pro-family and life Bills into Canadian Law. True prayer leads to good works. Ted one has to do good works as well as pray and fast. We have to elect the politicians who will not pass evil Bills into CANADIAN Laws.

  3. Thank you for your concern Garry.

    No current Federal Party is pro-life and there is not enough political gain to be had from embracing the cause in Canada’s predominately apathetic, amoral, secular society. Our apathy allows the politicos to dictate the issues they will pander to for votes, so they just leave pro-life off their agendas.

    It is individuals that make up populations, and all politicos are drawn from the pool of individual citizens. If the pool is polluted, those drawn out of it will be impure. The solution requires a purification of the pool, which can only be achieved by purifying as many drops as possible. It requires individual conversions to truth.

    The praxis of politics in Canada has usurped the role of ethicist from the praxis of religion. This is due to a failure of religion to effect individuals adequately. As politics merely reflects the nature of the governed, this is not a failure of politics.

  4. TED prolife politicians are there and the problem is that bible citers make excuses not to vote for them. Ted the age of sex consent is nolonger 14 in Canada. Ted what did you do to raise it?

  5. Garry and Ted:

    You are both on the same side, and are arguing over commas. There is more than one way to skin a cat, though I have never tried.

    Each of us must use the gifts that God has given us as individuals as well as for corporate use to the best of our abilities.

    Fasting and prayer are called for at all times. Confronting evil is called for at all times.

  6. Hello,

    I read this site regularly. I would just like to say that you people are doing some incredibly brave things.

    I just have one concern. I don’t believe it is likely that we will succeed in stopping this culture of death through protests, marches, or witness no matter how thoughtful or well prepared. In fact, I believe there will come a day when no Catholic will dare protest against abortion or euthanasia for fear of losing their life due to mob violence.

    This evil is not yet ripe, we have not yet begun to see how bad things will get. So, please be careful and prudent and be willing to change your tactics when need be.

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