40 Days for Life Fall 2009 Campaign – Day 23

Day 23

1) Ground Zero Report: Day 22 –

Frances’s Abortion Story:

2) Media Coverage: 

40 Days for Life: The Making of a Pro-Life Renaissance

3) Time Slot Report: Today 4,7,8,11 PM slots still open.  

4) Operations Report: On a completely different note, a health care question from one of our vigilers:   Which pharmacy do you like to patronize?   I haven’t heard of any pro-life pharmacy in Ottawa, but didn’t know if there were any that weren’t quite as bad as usual…. 

5) Report from America: Day 23

Planned Parenthood Abortion Mill Closing Down!

6) Other Pro-Life News: 

Ever Wonder Who Took Those Aborted Baby Pictures?


7) Theme Day:  Please pray for…  

Day 23 Thursday, October 15, 2009 Businesses Surrounding Abortuaries
Day 24 Friday, October 16, 2009 Mayor, Councillors

p.s. Personal note: Please remember my father in your prayers today. He was admitted to hospital for tests because of a serious medical condition. Thanks so much.


John Pacheco,
Communications & Vigil Co-Ordinator
40 Days for Life (Ottawa)

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